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B12 deficiency

I just saw my doctor's nurse practitioner and as she reviewed my cholesterol blood tests from Jan 2010 she noticed my B12 was low (137).  She asked me if I had been feeling fatigued.  I explained that I had been complaining to my cardiologist for a long time about my fatigue, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and unsteadiness.  But nothing had ever been mentioned to me about low B12 until 6 months later.  She ordered a new blood test and immediately gave me a shot of B12.  I am to return for results tomorrow.  After doing some research, it looks like some of my other symptoms my all be a result of the low B12...

Could B12 deficiency cause racing heart beat that skips a beat (currently taking Flecainide and Toprol to control that), headaches, dizziness, depression, irritability, mood swings, loss of sex drive, joint pain, and insomnia?  I also have high cholesterol and triglycerides (taking Lipitor and Tricor).  In addition I take Topamax as a preventative for migraines and Ultram and Meloxicam for joint pain, and aspirin for heart health.

Thanks for any info you can give me at this point.  I'd like to know what kinds of questions I should ask my doctor tomorrow.
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If your vitamin B12 deficiency is mild, you may not have symptoms or you may not notice them. Some people may think they are just the result of growing older. As the anemia gets worse, you may:

Feel weak, tired, and lightheaded.
Have pale skin.
Have a sore, red tongue or bleeding gums.
Feel sick to your stomach and lose weight.
Have diarrhea or constipation.
If the level of vitamin B12 stays low for a long time, it can damage your nerve cells. If this happens, you may have:

Numbness or tingling in your fingers and toes.
A poor sense of balance.
Dementia, a loss of mental abilities

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Hello~Yes, having a B12 deficiency can cause a lot of the symptoms you mentioned. I have had B12 shots, and the results were amazing, I felt full of energy, and my depression lifted as well. B12 is a very important vitamin, but, I would like to add that it should be taken in conjunction wit Folic acid and the other B vitamins, they all work synergistically, and it is best to have the entire "team" working together.

As to the ectopic beats (missed beats) well, sometimes it helps that too, sometimes not, each person is different when it comes to those. I have them and I hate them, the shots did not help that part, but the rest it did. The reason it did not help the "flutters" is because it was causing more energy than before and my heart was over reacting to it. You may not have that problem at all, everyone is different, but it might happen.

As to what questions to ask your doctor, I would just ask what you have asked here, they are good questions and he/she will be able to answer than I have I am sure.
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