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Back pain for two years

In March of 2009 I injuried my back as a result of a slip and fall on a wet floor.  I had an x-ray which showed no fracture and was treated with medication for pain and a course of physical therapy.  The pain continued in my lower back and radiated down the leg into the foot.  I had an MRI, and an EMG.  The MRI showed bulging disk at C-4,C-5, T-1 T-2 and L-5 S1.  I was treated again with a course of oral steriods, and pain medication.  I also was tried on flexeril and later neurotin all with no relief for the pain.  I was given a TENS machine and had another round with therapy all with no relief.  I received an epidural injection in my lower spine and still no relief.  I was discharged from the care after 7 months with a lot of pain meds and told good luck.  It has been two years I take ibuprophen 1000mg twice a day, tylenol extra strenghth and tylenol PM but continue to have pain to the point now that I cannot sleep.  I am a nurse and spend many hours sitting standing bending and lifting.  Recently in the last two weeks I have a burning sensation in my heels and when I wake in the morning I cannot get right out of bed secondary to my feet are so numb I cannot feel if I am standing or not.  I continue to do all the exercises for my lower back and have increasing pain.  I have been using ice to the area and biofreeze but cannot get relief.  The pain feels like my leg is being electricuted through the hip and knee down to the foot.  Any suggestions for my next course of action.
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I would say you are an excellent candidate for chiropractic treatments. It sure appears to me that your back has many misplaced vertebrae and those bulging discs are also pressing on nerves that can cause pain as well. I know, I have them too and when they act up, I hurt.

A chiropractor will take your history, look at your x-rays and MRI and work accordingly, it might not help right away, but then again, it might, but, I bet you will start to feel better and those burning feelings and such will leave.

Please try this, it is really worth a try.
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i know you mentioned that you previously seen a physical therapist, were they a spine specialist? call around and ask if the therapist is a spine specialist and if their mckenzie certified. it is not only important that you get that disc back into place but also that it stays in place.  A physical therapist that specializes in this area can help you wonders, being that they can help you with both!  good luck!       .
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Hi there! I know how you feel, I've had very similar priblems for years. Trust me, it;'s mechanical problem but also it's in our mind.
I've had a long time ago scan, then EMG and MRI. The pain was scary and muscle spazm, but after lots of injectiosn I felt better after 5-7days. It's different aproach in Europe, where they treat us with painkillers nad anti-inflamation medicine like-diclofenac, and the most important things are-vitamines through injections:vit B12 which is very important, B6, and vit Bcomplex.
You can take these in tablets also. So every time when I feel pain, I always take vit B.
I would not reccomend a chiropractor.
And please try heat therapy, not cold, cold is very bad for your pain and nerves!
I hope I can help, and hope you'll get better. Also try Cosmodisc, I've hard from my friend this is perfect for any serious back pain, especially for lower back.

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