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Back pain upper left comes and goes?

I keep having pain in my upper left shoulder blade area of my back.  My left arm keeps feeling not really numb but kind of a blood rushing feeling.  And the pain is fairly localized to about 3 inches to the left if my spine and about middle of my shoulder blade bone.  It is close to the feelings I had when I was having serious gallbladder attacks, however my gallbladder was removed 10-11 years ago.  It is very frustrate as I cannot seem to ignore the pain and I cannot seem to relax not can I mover around too much, I have taken a couple muscle relaxers as well as some Oxycodone and neither have helped.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but not sure what to do until then...
If anyone has any idea's as to what it could be?!??
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a pinched nerve?
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Sounds like a compression of some sort, such as blood vessels or nerve (try googling Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Brachial Plexus Lesion, and Cervical Plexus Lesion). It could also be a trigger point aka a knot in the muscle, all trigger points have referral pains that can refer to other places such as the arm. But the numbess and blood rushing feelings sound more like either neurological or vascular compressions. I suggest seeing your doctor and have them assess you to pin point the root of the problem. If its a compression or knot, it would be best to see a physiotherapist of a massage therapist.
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