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Blood analysis and advice

I would like you to recommend me a set of complete analyzes for the general state of health.
And what can you recommend me for:
1. extrasystoles
2. frequent panic attacks
3. peaceful sleep
4. leg pain due to standing for a long time at work
5. hair loss
Thank you and I hope to help me.
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Hello. First, please know that we are volunteers here and your doctor is best to work with on specific matters. Set up a physical. Bring a list of your concerns. Do you feel you are having extra heart beats? Like palpitations? Is that what you mean by number one? Those are actually very common. They occur often when stressed or anxious. This sounds like it may relate to the other issues you are having. What they do for that is not blood work but instead a heart monitor that you wear for a couple of days that records your heart beats. Truthfully, it is usually nothing to worry about with relation to your heart but please bring this to your doctors attention. If you are talking about something else, please clarify.

Frequent panic attacks. Well, this is psychiatric in nature. Are you an anxiety sufferer? Going through a challenging time? My son has diagnosed anxiety and ocd that comes in the form of intrusive thoughts. (compulsion is rationalizing the thoughts, seeking reassurance, looking things up, etc.). He had panic attacks for half a year. We sought help with a mental health professional. No blood test checks on this either. They do talk therapy and medication often really helps. But again, you need a physical to look at what the symptoms you are having are and if they really are panic attacks.

Sleep. Sleep impacts EVERYTHING. Even hypertension. Mental health is a circular relation. Anxiety can cause us not to sleep. Not sleeping increases anxiety. And so it goes. My son takes melatonin at night which helps and practices good sleep hygiene

My son also takes hydroxyzine which helps with relaxing and sleep. It is prescription but isn't addictive or anything like that. He only takes it as needed. He takes an Selective Seratonin Reuptake inhibitor (prozac) as well and propanolol as needed for anxiety. (also non addictive, it is a beta blocker). That works for him but he has tried many combinations and classes of medication and it can be a bit of trial and error. but when you get to the 'right' med choices for you, it is like gold in terms of relief. And then once you start having some relief, you can REALLY dig into talk therapy to overcome the issue. Sometimes learning to live and accept some things in life and COPE is part of the therapy.

There is no blood test for leg pain when standing for long periods. Leg pain would be a normal thing to get in this instance. Are you allowed breaks? Is the job a good fit for you? Could you sit during any of it?

And hair loss. Well, that's another to talk to your doctor about. STress and anxiety can cause this, thyroid issues, lots of things. Do you have bald spots or thinning hair? They do have ways to treat this. I caution you though because the truth is, they may make hair grow back but then you are attached to the med for life as as soon as you stop using it, the hair loss is a lot again.

Let me know if I hit anything that is helpful here and we can talk more about things
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