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Blood test pain.


So I’ve been having some struggles recently which is being sorted out. However, about 5/6 days ago I had a blood test. I’ve had them before and they are fine. However, this time there was a bit of an issue.

The nurse tried to take it from the normal place, the inside of my arm, but she struggled to find a vein and wiggled the needle around a bit. So, she took it from my hand which was painful but she managed to draw blood.

It’s been about five or six days now and my arm is still hurting. There’s no tingling, or pins and needles or anything like that, it just feels as if my arm is constantly dead. Do you know when you get punched really hard? It aches and what not but it’s not causing me to cry because it’s that painful.

Does anybody know what it could be? I’ve read that the nurse could have hit a nerve but when people have said that, they’ve usually experienced tingling and what not.

Also I didn’t bruise at all.

Lastly, something was found in my bloods and I have a feeling it was anemia so do you think this could have possibly contributed to the pain I’m experiencing? Anemia is just something that I THINK I might have, it’s not a definite.

Thank you in advance.
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Ugh, bad phlebotomists stink.  You probably are bruised/have a hematoma and are healing.  Or she could have damaged a nerve which is another reason why you could have pain.  Doubtful a finding of anemia would make the blood draw site hurt. I would absolutely let the lab and doctor know about your arm pain.  
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