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Blood test results

26F with no prior health problems. My blood pressure is normal, and rarely drink now (although i used to), and generally try to eat healthy (could be better). I used to eat lots of fried, fatty food, but have cut down alot. Also I'm at a healthy BMI. Anyways, been feeling off lately, so went to take a blood test. Doc said i have viral infection in my liver and also high cholesterol. Please see below for my concerns- I'm not sure what all my results mean, and was hoping could get a second opinion:

-my white cell count is lower at 3.9 (normal is 4-11), and so is my lymphocytes is at 1.07 (normal is 1.5-4)- is this something to be worried about?

-total protein is higher than normal at 8.4 (normal is 6.0-8.2) , and my doctor said i had a viral infection.. is this anything to do with hepatitis or cirrhosis and could cause liver damage in the long run? Is this a chronic or acute issue? reversible? what can i do to manage this?

-also higher ldl cholesterol at 146 (normal is <130), and total cholesterol at 219 (normal is 40)- is this something to be worried about?

any help is much appreciated. thank you!
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A viral infection (anything from the flu to herpes) is not the same as a liver infection. Some types of acute liver problems are temporary and resolve on their own. On rare occasions acute liver injury can require hospitalization and even liver transplant right away.

Cirrhosis is irreversible however.  Cirrhosis develops when scar tissue replaces normal healthy tissue in the liver over a long period of time....usually many years.  

Alcoholic liver disease and hepatitis C are the most common causes of cirrhosis in developed countries. NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is the most common liver disorder in developed countries. NAFLD can lead to cirrhosis as well.

Excess fructose damages the liver and leads to insulin resistance in the liver as well as NAFLD.  Sugar is half glucose half fructose. Dr Lustig has a great youtube video called "Sugar - The Bitter Truth" if you are interested in watching it.
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I misread your original question and thought you had already been diagnosed with an infection in your liver. smh lol But anyway, multiple studies have shown associations between bacterial/ viral infections (eg: Epstein Barr virus, H.Pylori) and elevated cholesterol, in particular elevated LDL levels.

If you had acute hepatitis for instance you would see quite high liver enzymes - ALT and AST - which can go into the thousands of units per liter but will go back to normal in weeks or months.
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well i had all normal levels (ALT and AST included), only total protein being slightly out of range. doc said it's not hepatitis, just viral infection (they're not the same?). should i be worried at all?

also are you saying acute hepatitis is reversible?
or at what point is liver damage irreversible?
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Cholesterol is processed in the liver actually so your elevated ldl and cholesterol levels are likely due to your liver issues. There is a great website called liver doctor by Dr Sandra Cabot which goes into great detail on how to help improve liver function. I can personally recommend milk thistle. :)
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thanks! great advice here. should i be concerned if it is related to hepatitis? also how do i tell if it's a chronic or acute condition?
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