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Body soreness and fatigue for over a month?

A little over month ago I believe that I was fighting off a virus which had me feeling fatigued and feverish.  Once that went away my whole body has been sore and weak on and off for a month.  My calves and quads have been very sore, and so has my arms, mainly my forearms.  I did go to the doctor last week for pain that has been radiating to the top of my head and the neck x-ray showed that i have narrowing of C3-C4, and was given muscle relaxants to help that heal. I am still sore in my forearms and entire legs, almost the same feeling that you get the day after a good workout.  

My doctor has done a large panel of blood work on me.  Thyroid, CBC, glucose, ANA screening, Sed Rate, Lyme disease, testosterone, and rheumetoid factor.  All tests came back normal.  I am worried because I am not feeling better.  I am a 24 year old male
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Hi there
Sorry about your situation. I would like to tell you though that Lyme Disease testing is very very very inaccurate. It only detects 50% of the cases of it. Most doctors don't even realize that either. I know from personal experience. I had almost 10 tests done and they all came back supposedly negative. I got tired of getting the run around from doctors and decided to demand a copy of the Lyme tests and it came out I was practically positive! I was ONE ANTIBODY away  from being positive. Needless to say I had Lyme disease. it wasn't until I started addressing my Lyme disease that I started feeling better

there is a great Lyme Disease forum right here on Medhelp. definitely check it out. Lyme disease tends to go undiagnosed, because the testing is so horrible.
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Hello. I am sorry you have been feeling this way. I know how difficult and frustrating it is to seek medical help and not find a diagnosis. My only real advice is to keep pursuing medical care as long as you feel this way. In the meantime try to be as healthy as possible. What I mean by that is clean up your diet significantly. exercise when possible and try to get enough sleep. Also try to RELAX, the body reacts very strongly to stress in ways that we don't all the time understand. Did you have any other symptoms besides fever / fatigue? Try to give your docs a detailed history, if you have been out of the country for example, or sexual history. Stuff like that. Good luck to you.
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You say your doctor ran some blood work?
Was that your family physician? I mean your General Practioner or Primary Care Physician? If so then take those results and go see someone who knows more: go see an endocrinologist. Ideally someone attached to a university hospital with many, many patients.

What may seem " normal" results to a family doctor may not be " normal" to a highly experienced endo.

Best of luck.
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Have you checked Vitamin D and B12 levels.

As for 'normal results'
Lab ranges are set too low and people can have symptoms in 'normal range'
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