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Breathless on little efforts - Blood Report inside

I'm a 31 year old male, 60kg 1.77meters. Don't smoke, rarely drink. Was gym active for 7 years until 3 months ago.
Since last year I've been having periods of lightheaded/faintness at my job (desk job), and gradually reduced aerobic ability at the gym.  One year later and I can't do any type physical activity (walking, climbing stairs or even eating too much) without feeling breathless and very tired. Right forearm and quadricep begin to feel specially tired after doing physical efforts not necessarily related to them. Right hand and right Achilles heel twitch. My skin is constantly falling like snow flakes all over the body (like after a sun burn). Some central serum retinopathy on both eyes.

- CT scans to the head lungs chest abdominal show no tumors or anomalies.
- Heart ECG is good on multiple readings throughout the year.
- Heart Echo-cardiogram is good
- Holter exam came good
- thyroid echography was clean

Here are my lab exams from this month (blood was taken a week and a half after wisdom teeth removal because of infection. I had antibiotics and corticosteroids up to one week before the blood was taken), but all values are similar to the blood exams dating back to january2013.


Erythrocyte---------4.8 x10(12)/L
Hemoglobina------14.3 g/dL
Hematócrito-------39.8 %
MCV-----------------82.6 fL
MCH-----------------29.7 pg
MCHC--------------35.9 g/dL
RDW--------------- 13.3 %


leukocytes-------5.6 x10(9)/L
Neutrophil--------49.9%  2.8 x 10(9)/L
Eosinophil--------3.4%  0.2 x 10(9)/L
Basophil----------0.2%  0.0 x 10(9)/L
Lymphocytes-- 41.3%  2.3 x 10(9)/L
Monocyte------- 5.2%  0.3 x10(9)/L
platelets---------175 x 10(9)/L

globular sedimentation velocity (westergreen)  6mm (first hour)


GLUCOSE-------------- 91mg/dL
CREATININE----------- 0.9 "
URIC ACID-------------- 3.8 "
AST/TGO---------------- 17 U/L
MYOGLOBIN----------- 13 uG/L
LDH------------------------ 156 U/L
ALDOLASE------------- 2.0 U/L
TOTAL CHOLESTEROL --------199 mg/dl
HDL------------------------------------- 57 "
LDL--------------------------------------134 "

TRIGLYCERIDE--------------- 38 mg/dL

CALCIUM----------------------- 9.4 mg/dL
IONIZED CALCIUM--------- 4.6 "
MAGNESIUM----------------- 2.0 "

SODIUM------------------------ 139 mEq/L
POTASSIUM------------------ 4.2 "
CHLORIDE--------------------- 101 "

TOTAL PROTEIN----------------73g/L
ALBUMIN---------------------------64.9%  47.6 g/L
ALFA1-------------------------------3.8% 2.8 g/L
ALFA2-------------------------------10.4% 7.6 g/L
BETA1------------------------------- 4.9%  3.6 g/L
BETA2------------------------------- 4.7%  3.4 g/l
GAMA------------------------------- 11.3% 8.3 g/L

PSA-------------------------- 0.9 ng/mL
FREE PSA --------------- 0.54 ng/mL
RATIO------------------------ 0.60


T3-------------------------------------------------0.98 ng/mL
FREE T4-------------------------------------- 1.2 ng/dL
PTH (PARATHORMONE)----------------- 18 pg/mL
ACTH--------------------------------------------- 16.2 pg/mL
CORTISOL--------------------------------------- 214 ng/mL
FREE CORTISOL (24H URINE)---------- 25 ug/24h

URINE PH-------------------------------- 6.5
DENSITY---------------------------------- 1.012
NITRITES---------------------------------- NONE
PROTEIN---------------------------------- NONE
GLUCOSE-------------------------------- NONE
UROBILINOGEN------------------------ NONE
BILIRUBIN--------------------------------- NONE

EPITHELIAL-------------- RARE
leukocytes---------------- 1-5
Erythrocyte--------------- 0-3
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This might sound like a weird suggestion, but have you thought of going to the chiropractor? I am not a chiro, but I do know that when your spine is out of adjustment, it can affect your breathing, and the symptoms in your arm could very well be an impinged cervical nerve. It sounds to me like you have covered all medical angles and nothing has been found. It can't hurt to give it a go.
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More tests I have done:

ACTH stimulation test:

basal cortisol: 18
Post ACTH stimulation: 27

Glucose tolerance test came with good results.

Followed my blood glucose for a month (portable meter) and no problems also.
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