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Brown discharge for a week around ovulation, is this normal?

I'm 16 years old, i track my period because i have long cycles which are pretty easily thrown. 2017 i was fairly regular, but 2018 my cycle was all over the place due to a lot of stress and anxiety. throughout 2018 i noticed i would get very painful, sharp stabbing pains around the area my right ovary is, i told my mum and she said it was just ovulation pain but im not sure. i had the pain again right around ovulation and it lasted a whole evening and was achy and tingly throughout the night and into the next morning. the next day i noticed i had some brown discharge, thats a kinda regular thing for me, ive had brown discharge come up before mid cycle and its lasted 2-3 days and then gone away. i noticed this discharge on the 20th january, its now the 27th and im getting worried. the discharge is sticky and stretchy, a dark brown colour, pretty much resembles blood clots in a period. it smells kinda vinegary if that helps at all. on the 23rd and 26th i had a bit of blood too. there is no chance that its an sti or related to pregnancy because im not sexually active. it is light enough that it doesnt go through my underwear but heavy enough and thick enough that it makes a decent sized mark at the end of the day and sometimes is too thick to really soak in. it is worrying me but after my year of stress induced irregularities and this pain around my ovary i may be overthinking it.
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At 16, being irregular is really normal. Even if you weren't always, it could be this way throughout the rest of your teens.  And brown discharge is actually 'old blood'.  We spot and it is brown which is break through bleeding. Both are common and it has to do with your fluctuating hormones and out of balance hormones. This is also why your period is now irregular. All of this is again, normal for your age.  I would not be concerned.  However, if it bothers you, then speak to your doctor.  One possible solution is to go on the pill to regulate your hormones and this stuff would probably end.  good luck
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Thankyou for your answer, I didn’t really think about hormones lol, my brain tends to move very fast to the worst possible outcome! It is lighter now and I’ve had no more pain so I think this is probably the end of it for now. I may have a chat with my mum and see what could be done if my irregularity does start bothering me. Thanks again :)
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At 16 your hormones are still trying to adjust them-self. I wouldn't worry too much,  most adults even have this issue at times. One thing you might want to try is "bio-identical" progesterone cream. This is made exactly like the progesterone out bodies make, there are no side-effects with it, and it is actually good for you, any age can use it. Here is a link to some info, the author is a wealth of info, in fact, he was the pioneer in bio-identical hormone therapy.  https://www.johnleemd.com/
I hope this helps some and try not to worry, many times, worry can make issues like yours worse.
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Thankyou for that info, I’ll check out the link :)
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