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Bump on my wrist but dont think its a ganglion cyst due to location

I have developed this bump in my wrist, under my thumb area and definitely on the wrist area near the sheath. If there is a way I can post a picture of that I would. Doctors said it was tendinitis but this bump has gotten bigger and I can’t even do push-ups or lean on that wrist without feeling pain. I wore a splint and nothing improved. Let me know how I can post a pic so you can see
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You can always post a picture to your profile page.

But it is really hard even then to tell what something is through a picture on the internet.  You've had this checked out by your doctor? A bump on the wrist like that can be carpel tunnel syndrome or as your doctors said, tendonitis.  What did they direct you toward for treatment if they go with a diagnosis of tendonitis?
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They gave me a cortisone injection in the sheath area of my wrist by that tendon and that’s not even where the bump is but you know that dip in your wrist and thumb? It’s like a cave almost when you make your hand like a star. In that cave I have a huge bump and it’s actually making it hard for me to move my wrist around without some pain. I’ll post a picture! Yeah the guy said it’s just a buildup of fluid from the inflammation but he didn’t seem to want to do anything further. Nothing has improved and the splint didn’t help! I’ll post a picture on my profile.  
uploaded a picture on my profile
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Okay, wow.  I totally see that bump!  Your doctor wants to ignore that?  Now, I have gotten some bumps on my hand near a finger joint.  It went away. But it looked different than that.   After seeing it, what about a ganglion cyst? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ganglion-cyst/symptoms-causes/syc-20351156

Looks similar to me. Tell me what you think.
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Normally ganglion cysts are on those joint areas, I would like to think it’s a ganglion cyst but I have yet to find a case of it in this spot, it’s right above the tendon sheath of my wrist, and it’s not near any bone or knuckle areas where the ganglion usually come up. The doctor said it’s a buildup of fluid from inflammation but he didn’t think an MRI was needed and he did the cortisone injection and now the bump is just getting bigger and it hurts to bend my wrist
Ugh.  I'm glad you saw the doctor.  I swear those pics look similar.  If it keeps this way for a few more days, I'd see the doctor again.  Normally a corticosteroid shot makes everything feel better!  Sorry this has been tricky to figure out and deal with.  
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Hello~I just looked at the picture, I hope by now it has cleared up, but if not, I suggest seeing a chiropractor, you could have some dislocations in your wrists, this could be causing the inflammation as the area is being irritated. The chiropractor will take an x-ray of the area and then discuss the results with you, he/she will probably adjust your upper back but pay more attention to your wrist, they can give the wrist small adjustments and they really do make a difference.
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