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Burning Fingers and Toes--post workout/cold exposure

I went out without gloves A LOT growing up in Chicago.  All my adult life, my fingers have been EXTREMELY sensitive to the cold(burning like crazy), but recently, I've noticed my toes becoming the same way.  I will have socks on in my home with my feet under a blanket and they're still freezing, but with good capillary refill, and only a little red.

This morning, I was working out for my normal hour of cardio on my cross trainer and when I hopped into what I felt was a tepid shower, my fingers felt like they were ON FIRE!  I felt like someone was pouring boiling water on my digits and I've NEVER had that happen before.
I've read a lot about Reynaud's, but my discoloration never gets past some mild redness.  That aside, WHAT is causing my fingers to burn like this?
I'm a healthy 33 year old female firefighter with my only family history being HTN and my only personal medical issue being some minor asthma.  I don't drink or smoke, eat low-fat and currently lowER carb, high fruits and veggies.
Is this something more than some vasospasms?  Can it be the sign of something serious?  I don't have symptoms for Lupus or MS.
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