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Burning/full nose

Last week I started to get a burning nose, I’ve had watery eyes with it as well and a stuffy nose. I chalked this all up to allergies but took a nasal spray and started getting a weird sensation when drinking liquids of burning in my nose and almost like a feeling of water in my nose. Doesn’t matter what I’m drinking it seems to happen everytime. Mildly freaking out because of a Google search. Liquid is not coming out of my nose while drinking and I’m not choking it’s just this strange sensation. Is this something I should be really worried about?  Any help is appreciated
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Hi, I have learned from experience that those "Google Searches" are the worst thing a person can do, I have scared myself numerous times only to find out from my doctor that what I was scared of was nothing.

I think that maybe you are feeling the effects of the nose drops, when I used them they would sometimes trickle down to my throat and that would cause the weird feelings. However, it is continues, for your peace of mind, I would just ask your GP or even pharmacist.
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Thank you! Yes those google searches are the worst. I know I didn’t have this until I started using the spray daily so I’m sure it’s related. I would have to think if this was actual “nasal regurgitation” which Google decided to lead me to, that it would actually be coming out of my nose? I hate medical issues that pop up like this and send you into a panic

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