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Burning tingling legs

I am a 50 year old female and for the last 15 years or so, both of my legs, from hip to ankle burn and tingle like someone is putting ice on my skin, and sometimes buzz or feel like they're vibrating, as if from an electric shock. I have these symptoms literally 24/7, every second of the day. The only relief I get is from standing or walking (but not sitting or laying down). I should mention that I had a similar case like this in my early twenties that lasted several years but then seemed to go away. I have seen 2 neurologists who can't tell me what's wrong and have basically ruled out many autoimmune or nerve disorders. I have had MRIs of my spine, neck, and brain, a CT scan, nerve conduction studies, doppler veinous ultrasound, and tons of bloodwork to look for mineral/vitamin deficiencies. Everything has come back fairly normal. On my own I have tried supplements, such as magnesium, iron, B-12, B-2, B-complex, potassium, and probably others, with no benefit. I've also tried an anti-inflammatory diet for 6 weeks (basically just fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, fish, and meat). Does anyone know what might be wrong with me or what other treatment I might try to get rid of this annoying, persistent pain? Thank you.
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Hello~It looks like you have tried a lot of things and seen doctors who ran all kinds of tests, since all came back "normal" and vitamin and other supplements do not seem to help, I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor, you see, you may have some pinched nerves and when you sit, it makes them worse. The chiropractor will take some of his x-rays (they study them differently than regular MD's and have more hours of study in them) and then go over the results with you. After a few treatments in the offending area, you should start to feel better.
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I think I will try that and acupuncture. Thank you.

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