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Can a molar infection cause facial pressure/headaches?

I have been getting headaches daily for months now, feels like really strong pressure on my nose/forehead and gets worse when I’m walking outside. I’ve also noticed my hearing in my left ear is diminished and I’m getting dizziness and tinnitus. The infection in my molar is not causing any localised pain but did last year when I took antibiotics for it which I thought had cleared it up, but recently I had a scan on the tooth and the infection is still there. I’m having the tooth taken out soon but I was just wondering if there could be any connection? My doctor has put the pressure down to sinus issues as I do get hay fever but I really don’t believe it could cause such strong facial/frontal pressure. Thanks
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Absolutely.  A molar infection is no joke.

However, you also describe something I've had which was inner ear dysfunction.  My eustachian tube was funky.  I had fullness, ear ringing, nausea, dizziness and some hearing loss.  Viruses can cause this and here is a common one https://www.webmd.com/brain/what-is-labyrinthitis#1.  But mine was more due to the eustachian tube folding in on itself.  My ENT gave me the process of doing reverse ear pops to help. (hold nose and blow, it will pop your ears. I did it over and over).  It did help.  And eventually it went away.  Ibuprofen also helps me and an antihistamine.  I take both of those if I feel that fullness starting again.  
If you have an infection of your molar though, you need to start antibiotics.
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yes, it could have a lot to do with it. I had an infection in my teeth painful at times and the one side of my face swelled up with a reddish tint also an infection in the teeth or tooth can affect the ears and sinuses that could be the reason for dizziness and headaches
also, an infection in the teeth could affect the heart even tho it did not affect my heart
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you should go to a dentist
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Hello~I noticed this was posted about a month ago, I hope it has been taken care of because absolutely a molar infection will cause these issues, it should come out as soon as possible.
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Hi guys, i've been suffering for two months now, I really need help. Two months ago I was eating some chunkfoods, then I suddenly hit the decayed wisdom tooth(lower). The impact of it was really bad, the pain radiate to my jaw and face. The pain last for seconds only, I looked in the mirror to see any damage in my wisdom tooth, suddenly the tooth cracked. I ignore it, because the pain subsided, no swollen jaw and face no tooth ache at all. But after two days I started to feel sick, severe dizziness as if something is eating my energy inside my body, i feel pressure at the back of my head. Extreme fatigue, muscle ache and weakness, GERD, spaced out, balance problem. I can't concentrate, I want to just lie down in our bed and just sleep.  I cried sometimes because I don't know what happened to my health, I am very healthy before that incident.  I went to my dentist and told him the whole story, he probe the tooth and ask if it hurts, I said no. He told me maybe its just an anxiety. OFCOURSE NOT! The apperance of the tooth is really bad, too much decayed and cracked. Please help me.
Hello~You need to see another dentist and have that tooth extracted. There is very little change of sepsis after the extraction. The dentist will  probably give you an antibiotic to take after and the procedure will be done in a sterile environment.  Taking the antibiotic will certainly prevent any infection. I wouldn't worry at all, you have more of a chance of sepsis if you DO NOT have it extracted.
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