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Can a person be unable to ever get fevers?

I have recently been diagnosed with seronegative Lupus.  Part of the reason why it took my rhematologist quite a while to figure out what I had is partly due to my negative blood work but also because I have never had a fever during a flare up.  I told him I have honest to God never had a fever in my life, eventhough I have had all kinds of diseases like Chicken Pox, Pnemonia, true and diagnosed Influenza, and C.Diff which almost always cause a fever.  I don't know what that sensation even feels like, to have a fever.  I was wondering if this is something that people can have, an inability to get fevers.  I am also wondering if not being able to make fevers has any correlation with auto-immune diseases and/or effects the presentation of certain diseases in that person's body.  I haven't been able to find any information about inability to make fevers online and every time I have told a doctor I've never had a fever, they look at me like I'm nuts.  It took four months for two doctors to decide to test me and diagnose me with C.Diff solely because I had no fever.  I just would like to find out some information whether this same inability to get a fever does happen to other people and if there is any data on it.
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Some people's temperature registers lower than 98.6.

Mine always comes back as 97.1 or around there for example. So, I rarely have a "fever" either. I don't know what to think when my temperature registers 98.6 since mine consistently shows a lower reading.
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I agree with Cindy.  My basal temp normally runs at 95.2....SO when I am really sick...I still only run around a 99.

My doctors look at me like I am crazy too!  My husband never believed me until I was SUPER sick and was still not running a temp.  Then when I was feeling better we took my temp so I could prove it to him....and sure enough...it was only 95.  

Hope this helps!
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Tonight I saw your comment (November 2012).  I was wondering if you ever found out more about your question.  I also don't run fevers.  I've puzzled with it for quite some time.  I also thought maybe my regular temperature might just be lower, making my "fever" un-noticable by the numbers.  

However, since my daughter was born nearly 3 years ago I have struggled with "something".  That's what I call it since I can't seem to find any sort of diagnosis.  I've seen a rhumatologist twice after testing with a reasonably high ANA blood tests result.  He told me until I start to develop textbook symptoms I cannot be diagnosed.  They have offered me no treatment.  For the most part I live a fairly normal life.  I do have "flair ups".  My triggers tend to be stress, anxiety, and well sickness (aka a cold).  I have had an MRI to check for MS.  My doctor, told me the results were non-conclusive.  I have spots in my brain similar to that of a person with MS, but none in my spine that they could identify.  So my doctor shrugged it off as either a result of migraines (which I do get) or a possible "early diagnosis of MS"...in which they will do nothing to treat, because, well, its only a hypotitisis.  Which ***** because I know there is something going on, but I also don't want to be treated in correctly for the "flair ups" that I do get.  

I've wondered for a while now if my inability to develop a fever could actually be a "symptom" to what is really going on.  If you have anymore information, I'd love it if you would share.  Thanks.
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Hello @serendipity75. I'm reading this ten years after you posted it. I hope you are still around and have more information to answer your question.

I have the exact same condition and I can't find anything online that diagnose a lack of fever. As a child, I had a perforated eardrum because the doctors couldn't figure out I had an ear infection since I didn't have a fever.

I never worried about it because I live a normal life and have gotten used to this. Now I have a 4-month-old baby and I'm worried he may have something similar. I want to know more about this so I can prevent him going through what I when through.

Does anyone know more about this? is there a name for this condition?

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