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Can anyone tell me what this is in my ear (warning kinda gross)

Hello, i'm a 29 yo male mostly healthy altho i do smoke. I have never gotten my ears cleaned out at a doctor or anything and lately its been kind of hard to hear out of my right ear so i did the best i could on my own to get a video of what was inside and it does not look right to me.. almost looks like brain matter (i know its not) here is the video https://imgur.com/a/G3KaDCL .. may be worth mentioning that i have headphones or earbuds in for about 14 hour a day.. thank you for any help!
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Hi.  I didn't look at the video as I don't go off site to investigate things. But I'd guess it is likely built up wax.  They make drops you can put in to help remove it.  Don't shove a q tip down there.  It's only one ear, by the way?  We can get growths there. Or something 'can' get lodged.  I really think you need a doctor to take quick look.  It's impacting your hearing which is problematic.  And you probably know earbuds that go directly in your ears are not great for you.  They make kinds that vibrate outside your ear now which are a much better choice.  Don't know what you listen to for 14 hours a day but if it is loud, I'd curtail that for the longevity of your hearing.  good luck
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Hello~I would see a regular ear specialist, you probably have some major wax built up and you need a professional to irrigate them, don't do it yourself, it is not safe and could cause deafness.
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