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Can scars look like this?? Description in details.

I'm 22 year old female. I was taking spironolactone for cystic acne. Last April I quit it and my birth control so my husband and I could have a baby (my second.) My skin immediately started to get bad again, which I expected. However, my chest would develop weird little bumps that would eventually go away. But I'm a habitual picker, so I'd sometimes pick at them. Some of the bumps left what I assumed were scars, but from googling I'm unable to find scars that appear like mine do. Mine are small and round, raised slightly, sort of "pocket like", with faint spider veins inside. If I pick at the "scars" clear fluid will come out. They'll heal back to normal just fine. No itching. I visited a dermatologist to look at an open one because I'm concerned it's basal cell carcinoma. She said "it looks fine" but she only looked at the open one, which was my newest I'd gotten within the past two months. She did not look at the other. Nor did she ask how I came to got them. She didn't really ask for many details, just used her dermascope thing to look at it. Now, I trust her judgment.. But I'm very paranoid considering these "scars" hold characteristics that I've read basal cell carcinoma can have. Should I get a second opinion? Can scars behave like this and I'm just overreacting? I know my hormones tend to cause my skin to be super weird but I haven't seen anything online that looks like my "scars".
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That doesn't really sound like she was giving great care to me.  I had a dermatologist like that. She's convinced that I'd never get skin cancer because I'm not pale.  Grrr. I switched doctors. I do know that basal cell cancer is one that is often sun or tanning related.  It bleeds very easily and starts off shiny with scales?  Here is some information. https://www.webmd.com/melanoma-skin-cancer/basal-cell-carcinoma#1  I think it is worth running it by another doctor to make sure.  I'd just do it for peace of mind.
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