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Can the pharmacy tell me they can’t honor my insurance anymore?

The pharmacy called me today and said they can’t honor my insurance. Last week I went to get my meds and my insurance COVERED it and I pay my 1$ co pay. This can’t be legal. The pharmacy is so crooked!!
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Hello~I think I would try another pharmacy, maybe the insurance will pay them, especially if you have not used them before. I am sorry you are having these issues.
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Hm.  Odd. but I don't think it is illegal.  Maybe on their end, they no longer accept your insurance?  You can call and talk to a manger at the store.  But most pharmacies only reject something if there is really a problem.  It's not personal.  What is the script for?  Pain medication sometimes gets this kind of situation.  
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Yep a time of pain medication! I never had this issue until I got insurance I’ve been going to this same pharmacy for 6 months. They have the meds there I have a feeling they just want the cash. I was paying 400$ a month for these things. It’s privately owned but they are contracted with my insurance because I called and they checked.  My insurance is going to call them too.
They say you can have it but your insurance just won't cover it?  Like you have to pay for it in cash?  That is definitely odd.  Lots of pharmacies will turn down pain scripts filling altogether if they get something about the actual prescription they don't like.  It wasn't just one person though?  You've gone back and they say they will only let you be cash pay?  That doesn't sound like a normal thing.  Can you call another pharmacy then?  That's what I'd do.  Go somewhere that you won't have this kind of hassle since you have a prescription and insurance.  
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The thing to do is to call your insurance company.  They'd have the answer if something has changed.  Let us know.
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My insurance ran the pre authorization for the meds and it approved it I paid 1$ at the pharmacy on July 3rd. Now the pharmacy is saying they can’t honor it a week later? I called my insurance and they see no problems on their end. Payment went through and all that. I just want to know if this is legal. It’s ridiculous
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