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"Canker sore" diagnosis or nah?

I was diagnosed with "anshers cankers" some years ago, I had to get a test and everything for it.  

When I try and find it I get nothing.  Also some definitons I found claim "cankers" are not contagious.  I got mine from my girlfriend.  

I was wondering why cant I find any info on my canker sores and where could I find more about them?  Did my doctor lie to me?
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Hello, it might be a good idea to see a dentist, they sometimes know a little more than just a regular GP.
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Do dentists do blood tests and look for viruses?

The oral sores no longer show up but it took many years for that to happen.  

Is a dentist really able to diagnose this?
Hello, yes, some are, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Here is an interesting site that might help.

https://www.dentalpartnersofnewburyport.com › blog › a-dentist-explains-what-you-can-do-about-canker-sores

A Dentist Explains What You Can Do about Canker Sores
Only a dentist can say for sure. What Causes Canker Sores? Canker sores may stem from a number of causes. These include: Gender. Women and girls are more likely to suffer from canker sores, due to hormonal changes that occur in their bodies. Nutritional issues.
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Why do you think you 'got yours from your girlfriend'?  They are not communicable. And herpes (if you wonder about that) are easily diagnosed by a doctor (and 80 percent of the population has oral herpes, not a bit deal) and are not typically in mouth on gums or side of cheek. Your doctor didn't 'lie' to you. They do make mistakes from time to time but canker sores aren't hard to diagnose so am guessing it is accurate. Also, are you sure you don't have the name wrong? There is aphthous cankers. I'm guessing that is what is meant. Here's some information.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/10945-canker-sores
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So, someone is lying.

My doctor is lying and told me the wrong diagnosis or the medical definitions are wrong.

Its very clear cut.

I know its contagious because I've seen the canker sores pass on from me to someone else from simply using dishes/glasses of mine.

They are really painful, its nearly impossible to miss if you live around someone.  

Its definitely not herpes because 80% of the population doesnt have these canker sores.  If they did someone would have come up with a cure a LONG time ago.

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