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Cellulitis, Staph, Cold Sore, or Herpes....


Recently I went to an urgent care clinic because I had a problem.
My nose was red and had these two little lines on each side near the tip that looked like cuts. If I touched inside my nose, it was crusty and would have blood if I picked anything.
I have a weakened immune system due to a medicine I am on for colitis. I get staph infections, cellulitis, and have even had MRSA before.
I didn't swab anything, but after an examination, my doctor treated me with an antibiotic, assuming it was a bit of an infection up there.
She said to come back if it didn't work and she would try anti-viral meds because maybe it was a cold sore (herpes virus) in my nose.
While the meds seem to be working after about a week (nose isn't as red, cuts seem to almost be gone), I am still worried maybe it is a cold sore or the nose herpes.
I am not worried for ME....I am worried about infecting someone else!
I have avoided going out to restaurants or anything for fear I will infect someone. I don't want to use a glass and have it get on there, and then they wash it and I get someone sick or something.

Is that possible? Should I keep quarantining myself? Or am I being OVERLY cautious....
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I don't think you need to be anxious about transmitting the infection to others. Just try to avoid touching the lesions often.
You are taking medications that suppress your immune system, so you are more likely to get opportunistic infections compared to the average person. So a normal person, I'd think, would be able to fight off any pathogens that you transmit to them. :)
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I think you are probably being over cautious (and anxious). :>)  With your history, it makes much greater sense that this has nothing to do with herpes.  Herpes of the nose has got to be pretty rare.  And you had a doctor look at it. So, follow doctor's guidance with the antibiotics and if it doesn't clear up, follow up with them. But no, I don't think you have nose herpes.
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What about hepatitis and things like that? Couldn't I have caught one of those?
Why would you think hepatitis is involved in a crusty nose?  Your anxiety seems to be in over drive and possibly coming up with all sorts of scenarios that don't really make sense on a good day, right?  My suggestion is that you speak to a doctor about anxiety to get that under control which is far better than imagining scenarios that are not realistic and scaring yourself with them!  Good luck
I am so sorry! This was meant to be on another thread!
Oh, okay.  got it.  I couldn't figure out how you were relating these things.  :>)
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