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Chest pain.

      Two days ago I had a sudden onset of severe pain in my chest ,left to the sternum.I can say the pain is some where aroud the sixth rib,near to the sternum. I can't clearly differentiate the pain, whether it is muscular or in the bone. The pain didn't go away by itself and is persistent from two days.( I was expecting it to be Precordial catch syndrome, which is relieved in few seconds to few minutes and is very common) . The pain exacerbate by over inhaling or exhaling. The pain is more intense when trying to bend too forward or lying on my stomach. I have no pain in my jaw or anywhere in my left arm or shoulder. I am not feeling sick or fatigued. There is no sign of fever, cold or chill.I don't have constipation, diarrhea, or any other stomach upset or pain.I have no headache or dizziness. I am suffering from chronic sinusitis from two years. There is no swelling or change of colour on the location of pain. The pain don't exacerbate when I palpate the location of pain.At the time of onset I wasn't doing any exercise or any sternous physical activity. I was just standing when it started suddenly. I am very athletic guy , well you can say physically very active. I usually do intense workout for 2 hours with a little rest in between. I do't carry heavy weights.For a month or so I have stopped training because of the exams and from the past one week I have been doing very little physical work because I have to stay in front of the computer and have to study as much as I can(exams suck).
       I am 22 years old male. Have you guys any idea about what am I suffering from? The worst symptom is the pain when inhaling too deep. Oh God I can't even laugh because that also worsens the symptom. Please I need serious answers from someone with some knowledge, Thankyou!
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      I need to know the cause of the problem. It would be appreciated if you could also tell me the treatment. I used panadol and even tried brufen. In 24 hours therapy, both panadol and brufen were ineffective. Someone please tell me what can be the cause of problem?

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For starts, no images done of your chest?  (x-ray, CT)  
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go to the doctor
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It may be good to go to a doctor to rule out anything serious like a heart condition. However, I will sometimes get pain in my chest (on either side or both at once) from hunching over a computer or books, and it seems to be caused by sore, tight muscles. Try stretching your chest muscles by putting your hands over your head while standing and then leaning back slowly (it will probably start to hurt slightly worse while stretching until it gets loosened). Also stretch to either side. Alternatively, you could lay on your stomach, then put your arms next to you like you're are doing a push-up, then pushing up and arching your back to stretch, (like a "girl" push-up). Maybe try a heating pad. You could also use more ibuprofen (I find liquid Advil works well). If none of these work, then you should see a doctor. Goodluck!
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It may be a good idea to see your physician to rule out any cardiac issues.

That being said, the pain could also be due to "Costochondritis" this is inflammation of the area between the ribs, and believe me, the pain can be unbearable at times and can also mimic heart pains. I have it and it hurts when it acts up!!!!

You say you have not been doing any strenouous work? Have you turned a certain way that could have caused this? Sat a certain way? It could be muscle related, such as spasms, I get those too, but in my upper back, but, they can spasm in front too, and again, it hurts. If you "google" muscle stretches, you will find some good ones to do and they are not that difficult.

While waiting to see your doctor, try putting a heating pad over the area and taking advil, for me, that is the only thing that works.

Good luck and take it easy.
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