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Chest tightness - not heart issues, no asthma, no anxiety. What could it be?

I am 28 y.o male and have had chest tightness for over a week. I am generally healthy, BMI 22 and was running 3 times per week before the chest tightness started. Heart rate is around 50 bpm. Blood pressure a bit high on visit to doctors, 130/78.

It feels like someone is sat on my chest. Throughout the day it varies in severity because doing activities serves as a distraction, but underlyingy it is always there.

I have seen two doctors and been told there is no issue. No wheeze on auscultation, heart sounds fine, blood pressure and O2 sats are fine.

My breathing is under control. I used to have asthma so know how it feels for the airways to constrict. This feels different and a salbutamol inhaler is not effective. I do Wim Hof Method breathing each morning and have been able to continue it despite the tight chest. Respiratory rate is 15 breaths/min, breathing nasally. I don't have any anxieties or worries, although this discomfort is becoming one. I have read that you can have symptoms of anxiety without knowing what you could be anxious about, but this makes it quite hard to resolve.

The day before I first felt the chest tightness I had a BCG jab. Not sure if it is relevant as chest tightness is not a reported side effect. I do not have any known allergies and am not consuming anything different to usual. I have not had any other symptoms like fatigue or a cough.

I am hoping it will disappear with time, but would be very grateful for any ideas of what to do about it.
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Hello~You said you have been to two doctors, have you been to a cardiologist? I really think you should ask for an echocardiogram, stress test and an event monitor that is worn for either 24 hours or an entire week. If the pain is related to your heart, then it will surely show up in at least one of these tests.

If all these test have good results, then I would suggest seeing a chiropractor, you may have some pinched nerves in your mid to upper back causing the pain. The chiropractor will take some x-rays, study them, go over them with you and discuss if treatment will help. If he/she feels that treatment will help, then after a few adjustments, you should start to feel better.

I am not familiar with that vaccine, I did a small Google search on it and I didn't find any serious side effects. Again, I would discuss that with your prescribing GP.
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