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Chills and shivers after a blow to the foot

Hello, I am a man in my 50s.
I don't have any illness that I am aware of, except maybe some IBS. I also don't drink, don't smoke. And don't exercise except for some Tai Chi in the morning. But I do generally feel cold and require a higher temperature in the house than everybody else in my family.

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I accidentally dropped a piece of furniture on my foot. Apart from the intense pain, my body reacted in the most bizarre way. I started to shiver, feeling chills and cold. The shivers were intense, uncontrollable. I don't remember having anything this strong ever. I wrapped myself in an extra blanket and went to bed. With the extra warm they went away. Now, 6 hours later, the symptoms are all gone. And even the foot shows no sign.

I am curious to know what could have caused the reaction. I checked online, but all I could find are articles about chills and shivers after a head blow. But in this case, the head was unaffected.

Many Thanks,
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With a great trauma and painful blow, we can actually go into shock.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/first-aid/first-aid-shock/basics/art-20056620  You have symptoms of it even if it wasn't your head that received the trauma.  I slammed my hand in between plates on a weight machine breaking bones and went into shock.  After some first aid, I was alright.
Thanks, that makes sense.
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