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Clicking in throat

I wasn't sure where to post this. I have noticed a clicking sound or sensation in my throat when I inhale and exhale. It is not painful, nor do I have any difficulty breathing associated with it. It is simply a clicking that feels like it could be in the larynx. If anything I'm just curious what it could be, but it causes no distress other than being a minor annoyance.
For background purposes, I am a 49yom. I am overweight and have a background of migraines, reflux, and celiac disease.
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It is surprising to me how many people have clicking in the throat!  More than I expected.  It is good news that you do not have pain.  Sincerely!  So, then in thinking of what can be the cause, that makes some things known to cause clicking ruled out.  You know what isn't ruled out? Gerd.  and you say you have that.  It really could be the issue of the clicking you are experiencing.  I had Gerd.  I was able to reduce it (felt like it was gone) by losing 10 pounds.  I took acid reducing medication that was otc (tagamet and pepcid were the ones I liked) as well.  This made all of my symptoms go away.  I've regained the wait and the acid reflux is back. Sigh. So, am working on that again.  I also agree with sassylassie to see your doctor to discuss this.
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Hello~It doesn't sound serious to me, especially since it doesn't bother you or give you any symptoms. If it worries you, then asking your GP would probably be helpful and set your mind at ease.
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