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Constant Fatigue & Fogginess


I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I am a 25 year old female. I exercise regularly, do not smoke, get 9-10 hours of sleep every night, barely drink. I've had anxiety in the past but that is really my only health condition. For the past couple years or so, I've been so tired to the point that it interferes with daily activities. I sleep long and well every night but still feel so fatigued the next day. I run everyday hoping it will wake me up, and it does for about an hour and then i'm back to tired. My brain always feels foggy...when I'm talking to people it's hard to process and pay attention to what they're saying.
Other symptoms I am having are: dull headaches, always thirsty, always cold, inability to tolerate alcohol. (I used to be able to, but now I get bad hangovers for one or two drinks). I've had bloodwork done and the doctor ruled out thyroid disease, anemia and mono... and was quick to dissmiss it as anxiety/depression. However, I know my body and I just feel like it's not in my head and something isn't right. If someone has any suggestions...or any natural remedies for extreme fatigue (i'd rather be on natural medications rather than prescription) I would really appreciate any help! Thank you!
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Several things popped out to me. Brain foggyness, tiredness and your always cold. These are symptoms of low thyroid. Even though your labs are showing you in the (normal) range it might not be the right range for you.
Can you tell me what tests your Dr ordered? Did he do TSH, FT3, FT4 and antibodies? These are the tests you need. If you have your tests can you post them here?
Are you having any other symptoms like hair loss and joint pain?
If your Dr did not do these tests and refuses to then see another Dr. Take care. Remar
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Thank you! I looked for my lab and couldn't find it but I found an old lab test from a few years ago ( I was getting checked for the same thing - fatigue) and it says they took my TSH and it was 1.38 and my Glucose was 79. I don't really have joint pain, just a lot of headaches. My hair is thinner than it used to be, but I just accounted that to using hot tools on it all the time. Thanks again. - Meg
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Remar really hit the mark with the email. I had similiar symptoms many years ago but with joint pain. My thyroid came back normal time after time. Finally I was given thyroid medication and within about a week and a half I began to feel really good, and my sleep was more restorative and I felt great when I woke up (the amount of hours I began sleeping became more normal at 6-8 as opposed to 9-10). One other thing I would like to point out is that we had to adjust my dose by how I felt since the blood work never really changed values even though I was on medication. Good luck I hope you find an answer soon.
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Thank you Tiki.
Meg226. You should not be losing more than the normal amount of hair just from styling it.
If you can find your test  results please post them here. Really though, you need to see your Dr and have the tests done that I mentioned above. Write them down and don't take no for an answer. You still might have what they consider normal results but that does not mean your not hypo. Just doing the TSH test is not a good indicator of thyroid problems.
Your glucose looks good,I take it you were fasting when you had this test done? Let us know what you find out and take care. Remar
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