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Constant Knee Pain

I am feeling pain in my right knee for 7 years now and all the doctors say they don't know the reason. One of my doctors did say I have bruising on the inside of my knee and gave me medication. After a few days, it wasn't working and the pain kept coming. I have a pain on the inside of my knee. It's constant unbearable pain. It hurts to where my whole leg gets numb and my feet gets cold. My knee also has this stingy feeling and they give out on itself. I exercise daily and it hurts ten times afterwards. The pain is so severe that I can't stay still but can't walk cause it hurts. My body heats up and I start to sweat, but I feel cold. I did used to play soccer but I don't know what's wrong with my knees and I just want the pain gone. Please help. Also to mention, I am 19 years old and I am in perfect health condition.
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well you knee pain can be a factor from playing soccer ....but all the other symptoms im not really sure of but maybe you should get it check for a parasite or a tumor and playing it can be arthritis if not your puttong strane on it depending how you sleep, walk around or maybe even the postion which you sit
hope it helped(:
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An Arthrogram is  the   best way for an orthopedic  doctor to determine what is ailing  your knee.  It could  be  bursitis, it could be a  trick knee that occasionally  gives out and  makes you fall.   it could be  arthritis if you  have  abused the knee joint  , Its just best to see an orthopedic specialists  No need to  suffer all these years...  after all,   we are not living in the    1850's.
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Whenever I hear of someome with a classic symptom of Lyme Disease who can't seem to get answers or a diagnosis, I recommend getting checked out for Lyme.  
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