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Continuing headache - help

I started off with a general tension headache most of the time all over my head.  Now I still get headaches but more frequently just in one place about an inch behind the back of my left ear.  Do you think I need to get this checked, I have been to the doctors many times with this as its been about 6 weeks on going.
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Sometimes doctors can be really overworked and dismiss your issue. My advice is go to a private doctor that you pay for if your issue is really bad and they are more likely to take this seriously. If you have a headache that is really bad get it checked out and demand a scan of your head, demand blood tests. It's your right and you don't have to suffer. Don't allow the doctor to reassure you when you are not well, tell them you must have something done about it as you are really not feeling good and your head hurts.
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Hi there and welcome. The place you describe is actually a meeting point of neck and skull.  I get a tremendous amount of tension there as well and it can create a headache exactly where you describe.  I was in a car accident over 20 some years ago where my head went over side ways in whip lash fashion as I was rear ended.  It created soft tissue damage in my neck.  And that is my 'tension spot'. What helped me the most was massage.  But first, I'd do this . . . take ibuprofen as it helps with immflamation perhaps going on in that area as well as pain relief. /Then get an ice pack and place it on the spot.  A physical therapist taught me that and it actually does work well. And then massage.  You can pay a professional that does medical massage or ask a family member.  My husband doesn't do as good as a job but is cheaper than the professional massage therapist.  :>)  And if you have no one, here is a substitute . . . tennis ball.  Lay on it and roll your head so the area is pressing on the ball.  Keep doing so and it will simulate a massage.  

Also, sometimes where we have pain is not where the issue is. So, your shoulders and side of your neck are tight and then pulling on that spot that huts.  So, include those in the massage.  

Some people find a chiropractor helpful for this type of thing.  So, that is something to consider as well.

Let me know what you think of what I've written!
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Hello~I know this was posted back in November, but for the sake of any one else seeing this that might have the same issue, I will post my opinion as well. I hope you are feeling by now.

I think your condition would be greatly helped by a chiropractor, it looks to me like you have some pinched nerves or some vertebrae out of alignment, this could very well be causing the pain you are having. The chiropractor will take an x-ray of the area, study it and go over the findings with you, after a few treatments you should start feeling better.
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