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Coughing Up Blood

I am a 24 year old female, with no previous health problems... About 10 months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night because my chest was rattling, like it was full of mucus. I bent over the sink to cough it up, and it was pure, fresh blood. I was pregnant at the time, so I immediately went to the ER. They performed a chest X-Ray, blood, work and a CT scan. They ended up just telling me that it was a fluke thing, and maybe I had a bloody nose that drained into my chest, since I was laying down.
Saturday night, the same thing happened while I was out with friends at dinner. It happened again yesterday afternoon, and again last night before I went to bed. I can still taste blood in my mouth when I swallow, cough, or clear my throat. I've looked at my throat in the mirror, using a flashlight, and it's just splattered with blood. Not really sure what to do... I can tell it's upsetting my stomach though and I feel dizzy- and just not myself today... a little disoriented.
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Well, you definitely need a work-up by a pulmonary specialist. That being said, coughing up blood maybe very serious, and then again may not be very serious, so don't think you necessarily have a fatal illness. There are many possibilities.
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Hi DnT, how have you been feeling lately?...I too had a similar experience. My husband and I were shopping and as my husband was talking to the cashier I felt as though I needed to clear my throat...it was sudden...feeling as though there were bubbles or how you describe, "rattling". I quietly cleared my throat and felt a large amount of warm fluid splash all over the back of my throat. The bubbling continued and again needed to clear my throat...in tasting blood I immediately began to swallow as fast as I could...always feeling more warm fluid when i did. It made breathing difficult. This continued until I was rushed into emergency and having to wait a bit. The whole incident lasted about 40 minutes. I was told the same..."they couldn't see anything wrong and suggested that a nerve ending ruptured. Ok...so one needs to ask I guess...Does this happen often?...since then...I now suffer regular heartburn...feel a lump in my throat...extremely tired...sweats...unplanned weight lost...irregular bowel movements...wheezing...etc. I am 48...and a smoker...I have tried quitting once...and have just began another attempt...with the help of prescribed aid. I also have had ISH since I was 15 and have been taking Nuerontin for almost 4 years now. I hope things have been better for you ...Any Ideas?
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I would see a doctor right away, it may be nothing, but, it could also be something, please check it NOW.
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