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Could this be appendicitis?

I am a white female that’s 28 years old. Over the past two days I have felt kind of a pressure in my stomach which made me have no appetite at all, then yesterday around 12 I began getting a sharp pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. This pain was consistent and lasted for about an hour then the pain began all over from my naval down radiating to my back. I went to an aftercare and was told it could be appendicitis so they sent me to the er. The pain just kept getting worse and worse even at the er. They gave me a dose of hydrocodone and it did not even touch the pain. By now I was up to about an 8/10 for pain level. Then as the hour went on my pain became a 12/10 to the point where I was literally moaning and crying in pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. They gave me two does of dilated at it did not touch it. Then they gave me another medication and it finally began to ease back to an 8/10. They did a ct and ultrasound and said the only thing they saw was some inflammation in my abdomen. They sent me home with hydrocodone and diagnosed me with gastroenteritis which I am concerned about because I have never had pain that bad nor did I have diarrhea or vomiting. The only reason I vomited in the er was because I was in so much pain. I am really worried that I was misdiagnosed because I have never had pain like that before and I have had kidney stones, C-section, and even had uterus contractions after the c sections and nothing has ever hurt that bad. I was literally throwing up in pain. Even at home today I have not been able to do anything but lay in one spot and not move without severe pain. The pain has eased on hydrocodone but every time I even move an inch it’s excruciating. I have not had any diarrhea or vomiting except for vomiting with pain.
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Hello~I can 't believe that the ER did that, wow, talk about incompetent. I would certainly go to your GP and tell him/her what is going on, I don't like the sound of what you are describing, it sounds like appendicitis to me. Please pursue this further.
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Just got blood word back and I have a high alkaline phosphate, high neutrophils, and low lymphocytes. Don’t know if this helps any and on the ct report they never say anything about pancreas or appendix.
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Hi, well, I still think they should do an ultrasound on your appendix, your symptoms sure to point to having issues with it.
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