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Cure For Candida Glabrata ?

I have been going through this for nearly 4 years now, infected with candida glabrata. My symptoms are, adrenal fatigue, inflammation in joints, headaches, bran fogging, inflammation sinus, heavy discharge through vagina, athlete foot, very low sexy drive cant even feel my vagina when I have sex anymore, dont feel the sensation, lost so much muscles, from tummy, buttocks.
-  Let me tell you the mistake that caused it all:
I've gained a lot of weight once I've gotten on depo (birth control) gotten very insecure when I heard this phrase from everyone I'd meet "you've gotten so big" "wow you're bigger now" "you a big girl". And I decided to do the master cleanse for 15 days (when you only drink water infused with lemon and maple syrup while fasting). During the master cleanse I must confess the truth because honesty is the best policy and I have been smoking marijuana while fasting drinking the infused drink (to help with my epilepsy condition) Once I've gotten off the master cleanse I didn't follow the recommendations, when I was told to eat healthy meals like fruits and veggies and slowly reintroduce processed meals. I jumped right into a bowl of frosted flakes and store bought milk and ate, snacks and meals from fast food restaurant. As days went on by my goodness my skin changed completely, pimples and rash from face, shoulders, the top and bottom of my back, and been diagnosed with h pylori and candida glabrata. I've gotten rid of h pylori taking mastic gum I've ordered off of amazon. But been prescribed with fluconazole for the past 3 years that never EVER gotten rid of glabrata. I've done new diets (alkaline, carnivore) and and that infection wont ever go away. What's going on? Is there any cure for this candida overgrowth? If so please share the cure and save a life, but it's best that we dont give up. We walk by faith not by sight 2 COR 5:7
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Hello, there is a good book on Candida by Dr Crook called "The Yeast Connection, it can be obtained from most on-line book stores. It has a wealth of info and also ideas on how to get rid of infections, most of which are caused by taking birth control pills and many antibiotics.
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