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Cut on penis from electric razor

I cut myself at the base of the penis with an electric razor (the kind you shave your head with). There was only a little blood, I was able to stop the bleeding by lightly compressing some toilet paper on the cut for a couple minutes. it' s a scary place to cut yourself, is there a chance I could have cut a vein or a cut into the internal tissue? Or is the fact that there was only a little bleeding indicative of it just being a cut that is skin deep? Any risk of permanent damage? any help would be appreciated!
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Hello~I don't think you have anything to worry about. You said you only bled a little, so that would indicate that you did not cut a vein, it is more than likely just a skin cut. I seriously doubt if there is any permanent damage.  I would say, however, that you should put some type of over the counter antibiotic cream on the area, such as Neosporin, this will help the cut from any possible infection and help it heal quicker.
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It was scary because the skin looks so thin and the veins are so easy to see that it seems like veins and tissue are just barely below the skin.  Is the skin on the penis more protective than it looks?   Also, the skin did heal now and there doesn't appear to be a scar so this is a good skin it was superficial right?  Thanks for your replies!
Hello~The skin is protective and it is a very good sign that it has healed and there is no scar. You don't have anything to worry about.
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