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Cuts on hands won't heal?

I'm a 17 year old male with cuts on the hands that haven't healed. It originally was 1 cut on the top of my back of hand/wrist. I got it over a month ago from scrapping my hand as I took my hockey bag out of my car. Since them I've gotten 2 cuts on both my index fingers (1 each) and all cuts have never fully healed just becoming pink and having a scab. -Mike
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Neosporin, polysporin or an over the counter bactricidal agent might have been the proper treatment at the beginning, however the "pinkness" suggests infection, and if it's been there this long you probably require an oral antibiotic, and possibly debridement of the wound.

Infection of this nature is not necessarily due to anemia. A healthy person who has the misfortune to be infected with certain bacteria can also develop such a problem. Aloe vera will not cure an infection and will only delay you receiving proper care.

There is always a possibility such an infection can spread to the bloodstream and settle on the heart valves, so the appropriate course of action is to visit a physician for an evaluation and treatment. I would worry about this.
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You could possibly have anemia. I suggest getting to a doctor and having some blood testing done to get a confirmation. My father has anemia and has the same issues. He's got some cuts from playing friendly work softball games a few years back... haven't healed properly still.

Best wishes!
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You may want to be screened for Diabetes. It takes a lot longer time and a lot more care to heal any wound if your Diabetic.
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I recomend using polysporin it should heal your hands well if not  aloe vera gel from an aloe plant rebuilds skin tissue,,, maybe your skin just takes alittle while to heal i wouldnt worry to much though if it does scar bio oil is very helpful !
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