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Damage to nerve from blood draw?

Has anyone had nerve issues in their arm after a blood draw?? Or a CRPS there? I already have excitable nerves but it hasn't been bad at all for months. When the nurse was drawing my blood it burned and itched badly in the crook of the arm where she was drawing the blood. She used a butterfly needle and had to "dig" a little to find my vein and it took several minutes. When I told her it was burning and itching she thought maybe some alcohol got in the skin but didn't remove the needle. She used a butterfly needle and took four viles of blood so it was like this for several minutes. It's been over 3 days now and the burning is still there from crook of elbow to hand, my entire arm feels numb/thick, and there is pain at the site still. My hand feels tired or weak. There is no visible bleeding or bruising. I'm very scared this will be permanent. :( Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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I have had the exact same experience once when blood was drawn.
My veins are very visible so it has never been a problem before but this one nurse didn't stick the needle in on a wide angle to just enter the vein but had a larger angle and stuck it deep into my arm. Right away I said it was very painful and felt bad. He said that it's probably just touching a nerve and shouldn't be a problem.
So went home and had a tingling sensation there for the rest of the day and just figured it would pass.
The next day I went to the gym and did some weights. Every time I bent my arm with weights I felt a shooting pain through my arm and couldn't work out anymore. That's how painful it was.

I went to the hospital and had them check for nerve damage, had an x-ray for veins and another specifically for nerves. There was no visible damage luckily.
Long story short, it lasted 6 months and nothing could be done about it. A year later I still felt it with heavy weights.
It's annoying but if will pass eventually.
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