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I am a 31 year old female. From last few weeks, I am having pain in my arms, especially left one, feet also hurt and for few days both my hands and feet had some swelling. I feel a palpitating pain on right hand corner of abdomen few times a day; similarly feel a palpitation pain on right hand side in between the diaphragm; back also hurts now and then, but not consistently.  I feel really exhausted most of the times, low energy and tend to get confused and forget things. I went to Doctor to discuss in this regards, he gave me some probiotics and asked to take Metamucil for a week, given I had Kidney infection few months ago and was on antibiotics for few weeks.
There is some improvement in Fatigue after taking these probiotics; however all other symptoms stay the same. I am a lactovegetarian and am afraid that I may have some deficiencies. Please suggest.

Many Thanks.

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I would try taking some supplements that support the adrenal glands, some of your symptoms suggest a sluggish adrenal gland function. The "B" vitamins are great for this problem as is Vitamin "C". Also, try taking the herb "Licorice" this is great for the adrenal glands, and a must is Bees Royal Jelly, you will get lots of energy from this plus, it is loaded with all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace supplements known to man, it is outstanding.

Also, believe it or not, a good chiropractor could help you. Feeling tired and the pains you mention tell me you have some vertebral misplacements and some nerve impingements, a good chiro will take some x-rays and be able to fix you up in a short time.
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Many Thanks. I really appreciate you taking time out to answer my query. Have a great day.
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