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Diarrhea, Skin outbreaks, Muscle spasms, Mouth sores, Swollen glands - 1 Year

I have been having a series of symptoms with no answers for over a year now. I've been getting various skin outbreaks in my genital area every other week or so (Herpes outbreaks occur every 2-3 weeks, but I'm also breaking out with folliculitis very often, and I don't know what else). My lymph glands in my genital area have been continuously swollen for over a year (not over 1cm in size) as well as glands in my neck and mouth. I also experience what feels like painless individual muscle spasms throughout my body every day, as well as frequent back pain. I get canker sores throughout my mouth constantly 2-5 at a time. In the last 5 months, I've also been getting diarrhea regularly (once every 2-3 weeks); I've been tested for various intestinal viruses and parasites and nothing was found.

It's not HIV (tested 5 times in the last year for that). I've also done blood tests to rule out Diabetes and several other diseases. I live in Asia where the quality of medical care is hopelessly inept; treating the symptoms by throwing around bags of pills is their solution to everything, so I can only try to find the answer through the internet. I suspect some kind of serious immune system disease or disorder.

I'm 29 years old and in pretty good shape. I exercise and eat fairly healthily and get regular sleep, so lifestyle doesn't seem to be a huge factor in why I keep experiencing these kinds of problems with my skin, digestive system and immune system.

Please let me know what this could be if you can.
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Did you get an HIV test because you had sex with someone there? There have been quite a few posts with people suffering from similar symptoms as you. Most symptoms involve skin conditions, IBS, immune system, and some neurological problems.

Do you have any sleeping issues? Insomnia or such.

A few things to check out to see if similar symptoms would be New HIV- like virus in China, also see unknownstd.freeforum.net  Lots of posts of people all experiencing same symptoms from unknown source. No real cure as of yet but some remedies may help.

Good luck
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