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Dipronex .5% Dr. Milton Moore Moore Unique Dermatology

I visited Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa in Houston, TX sometime in October 2008. This place was very impressive upon arrival. The staff (with the exception of the doctor) was extremely professional and kind.
Forty minutes past my scheduled appointment time, I was elated to finally be called from the waiting room.
Once in the back, I participated in the strangest thing ever!
The process reminded me of a Hospital's intake process, except Hospital's don't demand to photograph you. When I questioned the need for the photograph, I was told by a staff member that "Dr. Moore wants to make sure he's paid, should an issue arises with your Insurance"...Amazing!

As I followed the assistant to the room I observed a few "nurse practitioners" pacing the floor and I asked if I would be seen by Dr. Moore.
She advised me that I would not be seen by Dr. Moore, but by one of the assistants. Once they were done "Dr. Moore will just come into the room to confirm the diagnosed condition". (I guess she observed the utter disappointment in my face) and rebutted by suggesting that I could see Dr. Moore if I preferred... and I did.

He entered the room and glanced at my head, not my scalp, (because he never got close enough to me to be capable of observing any scalp condition). He handed me a flyer and stated, "This is what you need, get all of these products and follow the directions".
He then muttered a few medical codes to the assistant, and left the room.

I was dumbfounded by his level of unprofessionalism!
The assistant asked me to follow her so she could schedule a follow up appointment, and I advised her at that time, that I would NEVER return.

She left the room and returned with Dr. Moore who sarcastically said, "You want to talk?...What do you want to talk about? (as he slid into the chair).
I explained to him that...

I had never been to a Doctor before in my life that didn't take the time to inquire about what was bothering their patient, ask questions about their symptoms, and explain the condition (if any), and THEN......prescribe medication, or a treatment plan.
I am 29 years old and have no edges around the front of my hairline.. I take medication for hypertension, and I was actually excited about my appointment today, because I really wanted to know what's wrong with my scalp, and what's causing my hair loss. However, I am leaving with the same level of confusion about my hair loss, as I had upon my arrival today... something is wrong here.

Dr. Moore went on to FINALLY explain that what I have is (no surprise) Folliculitis, and that I needed to take HIS.. prescribed line of hair care products. (Prescribed? If there was a prescription it could be covered by my insurance and filled at Walgreens, Right?)... NOT! Not covered by insurance.

If I had purchased everything listed on the flyer, the costs including my insurance co- pay would have far exceeded $300.00.
Victimized by desperation to restore my hairline to normalcy.... even after that horrible experience.... I regretfully purchased the Dry scalp shampoo and Dipronex drops. Shame on Me!

However, first impressions can last a lifetime, and I will never return to Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa in Houston, Texas to see Dr. Milton Moore.
Customer Service and Customer Care should ALWAYS outweigh GREED. A smart business owner understands that showing your customers/clients that you are willing to put their needs before yours, will create loyal and referral clients forever... And financial prosperity will follow!

If anyone knows a great Dermatologist in Houston that is interested in more than his clients purses or wallets please post.

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I too had the same experience with Dr. Moore & staff but unfortunately it was with my six year old son and I went back several times. (Six-- to be exact). My son initally had 1 small reaccurring bump that after seeing Dr. Moore lead to a massive hair loss, several purchase of his system of products, steroid injections into his scalp, a **** load of antibiotics and painful puss oozing lesions. Dr. Moore insured me that it would get worse before it got better. It did get worse--for my son. I finally took my son to another dermatologist(Gyenings in Pearland), who asked me about my sons culture results and I realized that Dr. Moore had never taken a culture. Of course he had misdiagnosed my sons condition as a bacterial folliculitis and it was fungal. Long story short my son had to have surgery to put tubs in his scalp to drain all the infection because his condition had worsened so under Dr. Moore's treatment it would not clear with perscribed meds alone. Dr. Moore was too busy hocking his products and I was too trusting...I have a lawyer but I've been told that malpractice is very hard to prove in texas. I praying that the hair comes back because the scarring is so severe. Thanks for getting the word out on this money hungry quack ...I wish I had seen your post a year earlier.
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I am a patient of Dr. Moore (who is not only a dermatologist but a licensed pharmacist) and although he does not have the best bedside manner, his staff is excellent and the products do work (but not overnight).

After years of suffering of keloids and alopecia and going to numerous dermatologists, I went to Dr. Moore, on advice of a friend who also suffers from alopecia and had seen hair growth after going to Dr. Moore, and started receiving injections for both.  Over time, the injections resulted in hair growth and the shrinkage of the hard masses.  

While I don't disagree that they push his products and his spa services every chance they get, I recognized it for what it is, a sales pitch.  The staff never told me that I had to purchase the products, only that they would suggest using the whole system (much like other companies that advertise "systems") I would achieve better results.  

I don't necessarily purchase every over-the-counter product (the Moore Unique line is also available at Walgreens in the cosmetic section) that is recommended by my doctor, beautician or lawn man.  I make take their opinion into account and ultimately make my own decision.

The only difference between Dr. Moore and other pharmacists that recommend certain products is that he has formulated his own line.
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I have a friend that just left Dr Moore's office very upset. His first appt was about a month ago where he waited 2 1/2 hrs before he was seen. He was seen (not by Dr Moore), and was told just by a quick view that he had about 70 moles and it would cost $10.00 a mole. Now I was on his blue tooth the entire time listening to this, as he stated he didnt have 70 moles to remove. Anyway, he made an appt. to come back and have them removed, but was not going to get 70 of them removed, because he didnt have 70 to remove.

I took a q-tip and dipped it in white lotion and blotted each mole as I counted and there was a total of 27 moles.

Well he went to his appt today, and after a 2hr wait and alot of loud talking and asking where the Dr was, Dr Moore came into the office and asked what was the problem, because when you take your car to the dealership, you have to wait. (Again listening on the bluetooth) I couldnt believe it! My friend stated that he has been waiting and does not like that fact that he was told that he has 70 moles to remove when he only has 27. He also told the Dr. that he was told that he has to pay $10 per mole. Dr. Moore stated that he does not crank up his machine for less than $500. (Again, I can believe he is saying this to a patient). Well they go back and forth and my friend says that is ok, I will just leave because I am not going to pay someone for this type of service and Dr Moore says that I am sure you are going to now go to a "White Dr., but they cant take care of your skin like a Black Dr". (this is where I faint). My friend says things to the Dr that I cant type here, but he received his co-payment back, and leaves.

I read some of the comments prior to his appt, but we felt that it would be wise to see for yourself because every situation is different. Well it was all true. Dr Moore is a money hog, rude, and needs to learn patient manage care, vs the mighty dollar. I have a few other friends that were waiting to see the results, but I will tell everyone I meet, DO NOT GO TO THIS DR.
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Going to Dr. Moore was the worst decision I ever made, and ruined my life! I went to Dr. Moore in May of 2007. I went there, because I have a super severe case of ingrown hairs on my face, and neck area. I never had a problem with ingrown hairs until the age of 21, as bizzarre as that sounds. Anyway, I've spent thousands of dollars on this issue on laser treatments, products, different razors, etc to no avail. I've even tried to grow a beard, which typically works for most, but since my hairs just naturally grow in ingrown that does not work for me either.

I decided to go to Dr. Moore, because I have seen and heard his ads, and thought that an African American Dermatologist may be able to understand, and help me with my condition. On my first visit there I had a consultation with a lady that does the laser treatments in the spa. I informed her that I was currently using the Yag laser for hair removal somewhere else, and was looking for something that would keep me hair free longer than a month, so I would not have to get a laser treatment every single month. The lady misinformed me by telling me that the epi lite laser they use is better than the yag, and she kept on repeating that she could be more agressive with the epi lite laser, which was dead wrong. I never saw Dr. Moore during the consult until I was paying for the consut fee, from which he came up to me shook my hand, and told me "the buck stops here", to convey that my ingrown hair problems would be a thing of the past.

The lady performed the treatment, and when the procedure was done, I went to my car to discover I had 21 burns on my neck, and face, as well as multiple areas of hypopigmentation (lighter areas of my face, where the laser blasted the melanin out of my skin) I went back a week later and he gave me sone hydrocortizone cream, and told me after the scabs healed they would leave dark marks, which they did.

After I healed, he gave me some of his patented bleaching cream to put on the dark areas of my face, for 3 weeks- a month in a half which did not fade the burn marks at all. After, seeing that the bleach was not working he decided to do a chemical peel on my beard, and neck area. I said I wanted to think about it, but finally relented. It turns out that when doing a peel that strong that one is suppose to prep a patients skin for months, before performing such a stong peel to prevent the patient from hyperpigmenting( skin darkens) or hypopigmenting  (skin lightens). Nevertheless, following the procedure, my skin hyperpigmented, and instead of my having the 21 small streaks of dark areas, my whole beard area was now darker than my natural skins color. I am a carmel complected man, and following the peel my beard area was Wesley Snipes color. I looked like a straight freak!!

Following that, I stopped going to Dr. Moore, and started seeing a skin specialist whom did the same peel that Dr. Moore did, exept she did it the right way by having me use retin A to increase cellular turnover, and some other bleaching products which function to lessen the chance of one's skin from being damaged or hyperpigmenting ( getting darker). Working with this skin specialist was a God send, and it drastically helped improve my skin, and restored my skin closer to my natural skin color, so I no longer look like a sideshow.

All in All, my experience with Dr. Moore was the worst decision I ever made. Appointments take forever. His staff although nice, the ones I encountered were incompotant. One of the White assistants told me that retin A does not work on black people, which is totally untrue. The lady that burned me the first time, should have been able to see that she was burning me, and Dr. Moore should have known better than to do that strong of a chemical peel on me, which did the most damage, and made my condition way worse. Had only the initial burns been done without the peel, then my recovery would have been a lot faster and better.

I do not see how Dr. Moore has been in business for so long. He is too agressive with his procedures, he does not show sound judgement( During the chemical peel, I asked him when I would be able to shave, and he told me 2 days, as if it would really be safe to shave with my skin litterly hanging off my face). I have come to conclude that the only reason he has been around so long is, because he is an African-American doctor, and judging by his clientel being 99 percent black, that is his hook. Even, I was lured to trying him out, because I thought he may be better able to understand my chronic ingrown hair condition. How wrong I was!

In closing, I walked into Dr. Moore's office with one major problem ( ingrown hair problem from hell), and walked out with 2 new additional major problems (  hyperpigmention, and hypopigmentation), plus other skin breakouts, and complications that only occur in my beard area, from which I did not suffer from prior to going to Dr. Moore.

Thankfully, due to Laurie the aestitician that helped me, my skin is better relatively speaking, but my beard area is still darker than my natural skin tone, and I have numerous areas of my face and neck that are lighter than my natural skin tone.. My face is better, but it still is no way near the way it was before I saw Dr. Moore, and my Life has not been the same since. I would not reccomend Dr. Moore to my worst enemy, stay away!!

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omg, i'm so glad i read everyones reviews, i have a appt scheduled for 7/26/11 that i am going to cancel asap. thanks so much for the comments
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Thanks for the comment. I was just about to make an appt and then I read all this crap, so with that being said Dr. Moore and his staff can kick rocks...Ill find somewhere else
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