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Do I have appendicitis?

A few days ago, I started to feel really sick, I had diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, no appetite and headaches. At first my mom and i thought it was food poisoning or stomach flu and decided to treat it at home with prescribed medications, however in the last two days i started feeling a not so intense dull pain in the middle of my ribcage, it then moved further to my stomach, pelvis and even leg and back, my first thought was that it could indicate appendicitis, given how it runs on my dads side of the family, but im not quite sure, the pain is not as severe as it should be, i can walk, cough and eat just fine and my other symptoms had dissapeared as well (i have gained bad breath tho, it tastes like bilis), thats why we are not sure if we should go to a hospital. Could this pain be caused by something else? should i be worried and seek medical help?
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Hello~I think for peace of mind and given the symptoms you mentioned, I would see your GP, some of the issues you described sound gall bladder related or even GERD which can be caused by a Hiatal Hernia. It probably isn't serious, but it is always better to err on the side of safety.
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Thank you, ill make sure to schedule an appointment then
You're very welcome. I hope you get the help and answers you are looking for.

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