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Do I qualify for egg donation?

Age: 21

Height: 5'4" tall

Weight: 118lbs

Hair and eyes: Brown hair and green eyes.

Heritage: Norwegian, English, German, some Native American, and so on.

Education: High school diploma and an Associates degree.  Also, currently applying to universities to study Pre Med. Have maintained a 3.5 GPA.

Family history: My dad has a PhD in Cell physiology and my mom is a pediatric nurse, both in good health. All my grandparents are still alive, except one who recently passed away at the age of 94.  

Medical history: Eczema and asthma at birth, which I've grown out of a lot. Currently on 50mg of Zoloft for mild anxiety due to life stressors, but it's not severe whatsoever.

Misc.: I don't smoke, rarely drink, exercise 5 days a week, have held a job for over 3 years and worked as a nanny for 7, no criminal history, and have been in college for 3 years.

Does my history of mild anxiety, asthma and eczema disqualify me?
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sounds like you're over-qualified to me! :-)
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It doesnt sound like a concern to me, but you need to call any fertility clinics in your area to ask about egg donation. Most of them will interview you and have thier own questions to ask, it may differ from clinic to clinic. But its a great way to make money for college and to also help others. Im in the market of buying eggs from someone and most of what you said sounds ok to me! Im just glad there are people like you willing to go thru it all. You could also be a surrogate sometime. Think about that
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I also looked into egg donation in the past, and I doubt you would be excluded because of what you describe.  They are mild and minor.  The asthma might scare off some people, but I think a clinic would still make you available as other people won't mind that risk. The biggest turnoffs to prospective parents is a history of inherited diseases, autism, or mental illness.  The biggest positives are your education level and aspirations (implying intelligence) and your physical characteristics.

I also think it is a great way to make money for college, and it is a fabulous, life changing thing for the people you help become parents. Just start calling some local clinics to ask for their applications.  Read the material carefully so you fully understand what is expected of you.  You would have to go in often in the days before collection, so proximity makes a difference.

Go for it!  :)
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