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Do providers share my office visit schedule with other providers?

I went a specialist yesterday morning.  Then in the afternoon In went to my Primary Care provider. Both are in different provider group. Yet my PCP knew about my morning appointment. Does anyone know how this happened? I think it's a violation of my privacy.  My PCP also knew I was over due for a dentist appointment.
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I do think networks are communicating these days.  However, I think you probably somewhere along the line agreed to it.  I had my annual physical and they had my life at their finger tips.  They knew I was overdue for my annual pap smear and hadn't had one yet this year just from a few clicks on the computer.  But if I remember correctly, I signed about 4 things and one of them was this piece of it.  They called it some kind of network.  Typically, doctors knowing the other specialty isn't a horrible thing and sharing your med file means everyone is on the same page.  Did you not want your PC to know?
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Thanks for the reply. I guess I need to give it some consideration.
I think you can ask the front desk (give them a call) how your information is shared and with whom.  If you signed something making it accessible within a network of providers, you can retract your okay for this.  I do think they track some things like say pain prescriptions at pharmacies.  Things like that are for obvious reasons.  And a lot of PCP's have to give referral's to specialist so it is all interconnected. But if you are uncomfortable about it, call and get the policy from the office and tell them you don't want your info shared or to take you out of that part of the patient system.  (if they can).  Let me know what they say!
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Hello~I know over here in New Zealand, all your records, prescriptions, etc are entered into the network, thus, no matter what doctors you see, hospital or pharmacy, your info is just a click away. All of us have a number, that means we are in the "system" I don't mind it, I mean, what do I have to hide. I am originally from America, I moved here to New Zealand 7 years ago, back then, I don't think America had this network you are talking about, but if they had, I would have signed the release form. I guess it is up to each individual.

We can't opt-out of it over here,but I am sure if the USA you can.
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