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Does anyone know what would cause the basophils on a CBC to be elevated?

Normal range for this lab is  0-1.0 and mine were 1.3 Everything else was normal? Routine blood test, no symptoms or anything. Past annual blood tests all normal.
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Hello~Every lab has different values for what they consider "normal" Your level doesn't seem too out of line. I think if it were concerning to the doctor, he/she would have told you. One thing, are your drinking enough water, sometimes even mild dehydration can cause a rise in some blood tests. Discuss this with your physician, and ask for the test to be re-done after you have had a chance to drink enough water for a few days.
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Hi, thank you for taking the time to respond !  He probably won't call for them today as it's the weekend ? I was able to get the results  from the portal and will call the doctor tomorrow to review for sure. I thought about dehydration, too, as it's a crazy time of year and maybe I haven't been eating/ drinking? But I do hydrate a lot, so that may not be it .  Unfortunately, I started researching the meaning, and I wish I hadn't :(   . I'll just wait for the doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks as well. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.
You are very welcome. I am able to get my lab results through my clinics portal too, unfortunately however, I read too much into the results, start worrying, then Google searching. Not a good idea, I always end up scaring myself and the doctor has to reassure me. You'd think by now I would learn. LOL.
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