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Does anyone know what this is?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve had this sort of rash inbetween my but cheeks it has become itchy between the crack and I’ve irratated it that much it’s got cracked skin, im not in no sort of pain with it and I feel fine, I can wee and poop normal without it hurting too. It’s become to the point where the rash has got dry skin on it and it’s a little red. It doesn’t hurt when sitting down or feel any discomfort it only stings a little when wiping bum, could anyone know what this is.
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This sounds like chafing to me!!  Have you ever heard of Gold Bond Powder?  They sell it in grocery stores and drug stores. This is what my sons use for this. They get it when hiking, camping and various things.  There is also something called 'butt paste' which is made for babies but works pretty well.  Do any of these products sound familiar?  I'm glad you aren't in pain!  That's a sensitive area!!
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Hi specialmom thank you for your reply I’m currently living in the uk so I don’t think I can recognise what you’ve advised me on, I do think it’s chaffing but im not really a sweaty person down below, it’s been here for a while now I’m starting to feel self concios about it, it’s a night mare I’m always looking down their and splitting my cheeks apart to look at it because I’m paranoid I may be just making it worse aren’t I but stretching the skin I’ve used canestan cream the Anti fungal one and I don’t even think this is touching it at all but I’ll see if I can get myself booked in to see my doctors tomorrow and if I get told anything I’ll keep you updated, it’s just irrarrating the cracked skin, I’ve itched and itched it it’s just open sore I’ve searched all sorts of stuff and it’s coming up as genital herpes lol , I’ve looked at the symptoms of genital herpes and it’s defintjrly no where near that haha
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Ah, so Gold Bond Powder isn't sold there.  It's possibly available online Amazon or something like that.  But the main ingredients in it are cornstarch, zinc oxide and kaolin.  Any product that is a powder with those ingredients is chafing powder. Friction and moisture cause chafing.  So, cotton underwear only.  Change it when damp.  Wipe well.  Keep the area dry.  :>)  Some people say you can use petroleum jelly to 'hot spots' or areas that are particularly raw as it will prevent the friction issue.  If it gets much worse or goes on much longer, see your doctor. Don't be embarrassed.  This is not that uncommon, believe it or not!!  

I'm glad it's not gen. herpes . . .  ha. That won't get cleared up with petroleum jelly or gold bond powder!  :>)
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