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Dropped glasses on hospitals bathroom floor.

I was taking a leak after my test, I had to drink lot of water for it. My glasses slipped off my face and fell on the bathroom floor. Floor was dry and didn't look dirty, i was in hurry, didn't care to wash the glasses, just washed my hands with soap and thought would wash glasses at home as there was no tissue paper to dry my glasses after washing it. After reaching home I forgot only to remember to wash it after 12 hours of incident.
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Do you have anxiety? This sounds like an over reaction that someone with an anxiety disorder would have. What do you think a brief fall on a hospital floor is going to do to your glasses? Since you are still worried about it, I'd sincerely talk to your doctor about anxiety. Does this happen to you often? Hospitals have sick patients for sure but they also have cleaning staff and are fairly sterile. They mop floors. What kind of illness do you actually think you'd get from a brief touch of the ground. A skin virus? The part that rubs on your skin is on the inside of the glasses (the nose piece and ear part).  Anyway, hopefully you see that you got a bit of an irrational fear going here and if you can't see it that way that you go ahead and talk to your doctor about getting help for anxiety. Anxiety is treatable.
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Yup, anxiety of some sort, but it is mostly now in control, don't want to take risk at this stage, I am going through some critical phase in life.  Thanks for the reply. Haven't developed any infection after the incident. I am good.
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I don't think you have anything to worry about if you didn't lick your glasses then, I'm pretty sure u wouldn't have done that. Most of the germs on your glasses would have died in 12 hours. Don't worry, its nothing but anxiety.
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I didn't see a question but, if you haven't developed an eye or nose infection by now, I would tend to believe that you're good to go.
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Yeah, the thing is that. I am having headache and some pain in nose, since morning today it already 24 hours now.
I am not sure what to make out of it. Never had Nose pain before. Something strange.
I am scared, what if it is black fungus? I believe I will have to visit a doctor?
Why would I have nose infection, I don't remember smelling them. Also due to glasses arms it don't think the glasses which is on the eye side would have touched the surface of the bathroom flour. Anyway, it is headache which I am worried, can it start as early as 1 day?
Not anxious just worried.
If you are concerned about the pain, then by all means visit a doctor.  I believe your headache is from all the worrying you're putting yourself through, but you might ask the doctor about that.
Bacteria don't always remain on the surface of the skin - that's not an ideal place to feed and replicate. The nose is warm and moist - a perfect spot for bacteria.
Contrary to popular belief, bacteria are mobile.  But since you haven't reported any signs of infection, I think what you're experiencing is just anxiety.
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I don't think you have anything to worry about except, maybe, scratching the lens. You washed your hands, which is good, that would be the main thing to do.
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Hope so.

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