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Drug test question for employment

Hi, I’m currently taking Abilify, Prozac and Clonidine and I got offered a great job, I have to do a drug test, will any of these medications make me fail? It’s a urine test at arc point labs. I’m assuming no but I want to make sure.
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Hello~Just tell them what you are on, this way, if anything should show up, they will know and won't think you are trying to hide anything. I did a Google search, Prozac is not included in the routine urine test, as to the others, there is a possibility of false positives, so again, be sure to tell the tester what you are taking. Good luck on getting the job.
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I wouldn't think that taking prescribed medications for diagnosed conditions even including mental health conditions would be a factor in getting a job.  So many people take SSRI's these days like Prozac, probably as common to have it in urine as not.  :>)  Lots of people on antidepressants.  Clonidine is usually used to lower blood pressure, is that why you are on it?  Again, that should preclude you from a job.  It does have some side effects that might make something like using heavy machinery a bit difficult?  But don't think that is fully restricted and most jobs would not be effected.  And Abilify is like Prozac used to treat diagnosed mental health disorders.  Taking them is good, means you are treating mental health.  

Most drug tests are looking for elicit drug use.  I doubt every med you take would be looked for or trigger a positive test.  As long s you have a prescription, you should be good.  What type of job is it?
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