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Ear, neck, jaw and head pain. Please help

For the past five days my neck, ear, jaw and head have been hurting, ONLY on the left side. My neck feels achy and slightly stiff, I get a sharp pain that shoots through my ear when I swallow food and drink. I do have some slight swelling on my jaw. The pain is constant with no relief. I just moved and are without insurance right now. Just wondering if this is something I can wait out or if I should be seen for it and also would like some idea of what this is?
Thank you in advance
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This may be middle ear infection or ortitis media. You may need to take an antibiotic.
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Could be your jaw joint, or a gland problem.  What kind of pain with ear?  Is it blocked?  
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I have experienced very similar symptoms, mine was due to misaligned vertebrae and a chiropractor helped immensely. I would certainly consider seeing one, plus, if not better, see an MD for an antibiotic.
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I have a genetic bone disease so chiropractor is unfortunately is out of out of the question.
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It is just achy, maybe slightly itchy, I feel the pain in and along my jaw and down my neck. It suddenly stopped for a day and then came back with a vengeance. It hurts to swallow, I get a sharp pain that shoots through my ear , especially with cold fluids.
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This may sound odd but the pain on my left side stopped without any treatment about a week ago. Thing is now I have the same feeling on the right side of my face. There seems to be a little swelling just under my jaw a little bit under my right ear. What can this be, it can't be just coincidence.???
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Sounds like you have a slight degeneration of the jaw bone you need to see your dentist and you might have to have a *** shield for bed time your grinding your teeth and that is causing the pain I have it plus you might need a cream to rub into the jawbone near your ear
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