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Erectile dysfunction ED

My question is a little bit weird well am a young man in the 24 years old i just wanted to ask about erectile dysfunction as in our countries doing s** is prohibited i am about to get married and i just feel panic and anxiety from having an erectile dysfunction so i just need to ask 2 questions

1) is there any sign for erection dysfunction ?

2) can i know if i am strongly erected or not from some tips ?

and finally should i grab viagra with me on my wedding day in case if i had an erection dysfunction

my only experiemt in my life was at dubai i had there a girl friend and we started to have some but i didnt do any penetration it was just a bit orally at the beginning i was fully erected but we shared kisses for like 30 min so i gradually felt my thing going down but not down to the minimum i really dont know if anyone here can help me ....
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I'm sure you are fine.  Even if having sex is taboo in your country prior to marriage you said you did have a relationship where you didn't penetrate but did other things and you were erect.  Why do you think you won't be this time?  

And yes I was refering back to what you did with your girlfriend.  You took it slow at first and let the excitement build up.  

You know the mind is very powerful.  Sometimes just having something in your pocket "just in case" does work.  So if you want to put some viagra in your pocket just in case you just might be surprised that you don't have any problems at all and won't even need it.  
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You are having performance anxiety and you don't even have to perform yet.  You are way overthinking this.  You are going to be fine.  Take it slow...draw out the kissing for a while and go from there.  If you continue to be in this anxious state, then you may want to think about seeing a psychologist to help you get over this anxiety.  You are forward thinking the situation and catastrophizing it so make an appointment now so that you can put this behind you.  Are you getting married soon?  .  
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First of akk i am thanking you for trying to help or makes things eaier

secondly i am gonna get married in a week

and now for the question  i did a full blood test and everythg functionc quiet well do i need to do a cardiovascular test as i read it might be a problem ? i am used alot of fat burners in the past they can cause me some problems ???

look i am just concerned about that viagra stuff i will just take it in case i felt there was a problem but am not intending to use it but if i needed it is it okay to use viagra at that early phase of my life i am really concerned about this <<<<<

by drawing out the kisses do u mean that i dont do anything except kissing her for a while and then start up getting off my clothes and bla bla bla or what i am feeling so worried frankly speaking

ah one last thing i am over training and smoking alot of shisha something like cigarettes  but more effective can this makes things bad do i need vitamins please do advice me if it wont bother you

thanks alot
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You are such a great supporter i am really speechless but i may ask u a question the girl i went deeply with at dubai was my girl friend it was totally new to do so with her we shared kisses for 45 min but the room was purely dark and then we got iyut the cothes and continue that oral way the thing that i was  gd erected at the begining but gradually i went down is the enviroment has an effect or sthg or because i didnt see her we just did so in the dark and before we did so i was on a very hard training for 2 montehs every day 3 hrs cardoio could that overtraining made me feel tired ?
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i dont take any vitamins and i dont eat meat at all do i need some sort of viitamins
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I wish I had a ready answer for you but I'm not a doctor.  It is not going to hurt anyone to take a multi-vitamin daily so you can start doing that.  Once you get your wife alone in a room and you can actually penetrate...I'm thinking you won't have a problem.  I think if I knew beforhand that I couldn't finish the deed, I would lose interest as well.  So relax....a week from now you are going to have a new wife and a wonderful sex life.  :)  
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