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My last period was january 1st. That would put me at about 5-6 weeks pregnant. Last night I went to the hospital to confirm that I was forsure pregnant. They told me I was & then they gave me a vaginal ultrasound, & couldnt find the sac, They said for how high my hormone levels are they should be able to see something, I have another appointment in 2 days to see if my levels doubled & to see if they can see the sac. They mentioned I could be preparing for a miscariage. has anyone else had this promblem? & evrything turned out okay? is it to early to tell... Pleaseee! help! I'm freaking out.
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High hormone levels without finding a gestational sac on ultrasound raised two possibilities. One is called an ectopic pregnancy, which is where the fertilized egg has implanted somewhere other than the uterus (most commonly the fallopian tube, but could be elsewhere). Usually, these have to be therapeutically aborted because they cause significant risk to the mother (ie they could rupture the fallopian tube). Another option is something called a molar pregnancy, which isn't a fetus but rather a growth that produces the same hormone as a pregnancy (a kind of tumor, sort of). Both should be further investigated.
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I had this problem before...come to find out the baby was growing in my tubes.... miscarriage followed but not every woman bodies are the same...not to panic it is not uncommon just take it easy until the next appt....it will be ok.
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