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Fatigue, Malaise, No Energy after Full Night of Sleep

37 year old fit male with no previous health issues. I do have mild obstructive sleep apnea and I'm on CPAP with beautiful numbers that indicate that it is working fine. I've filmed myself waking up frequently throughout the night for an unknown reason and looking around.

Two previous ER visits for racing heartbeat, blood pressure went up as high as 173/100, cold feeling in chest during that time, "bubbly" feeling in chest/below left rib cage and lower left side. Sometimes a mild ache or pressure feeling below my left rib cage or in my lower left side. Both ERs did a test for virtually everything, EKG, D-Dimer, tons of blood work, etc. I've been to a Cardiologist and had a full stress echocardiogram. He said my heart is health as a horse.

Been to GP doctor 3 times for blood work and after the third time (when they checked for adrenal levels), they are telling me that my adrenal levels are boderline.

Over the past year or two, it has gotten to where I'm just falling on my face tired even after 10-12 hours of sleep and I'm not convinced it is the sleep apnea.

I feel a hot/pressure feeling in my face on a daily basis (some days worse than others) and my face is flush red. Doctors have been blaming it on "anxiety" that I have no history of and trying to suppress it with meds like Metoprolol to cover up the symptoms instead of figuring out why.

Odd/hyper reflexes that over-respond. Sexual function seems to have disappeared (e.g. 'can't get him up'). I'm falling on my face tired every day, can't concentrate at work and sometimes feel a sharp or dull ache in my chest. EKG's and heart check showed absolutely nothing wrong with my heart. I'll usually have a faster than normal heart rate because I'm so tired all day and my blood pressure isn't usually up when my face is red and flush. Nobody knows what is going on. Some days I'll feel short of breathe or feel so tired and lack energy to the point where I feel like I could just fall over and faint.
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Hi, jmr.

"my blood pressure isn't usually up when my face is red and flush"
If you are saying that your BP during a flushing episode is lower than usual, then I'd look at histamine (and other vasodilators) from the immune cells called 'Mast Cells'.

This article is in the top journal for Immunologists/Allergists:
"Mast Cell Disorders: Protean Manifestations and Treatment Responses"   2017
(protean = extremely variety symptoms, which is what you have)

About MCs, there is also this:
"Sleep apnea, almost always obstructive, is found in 15% of MCAS patients and curiously occurs not uncommonly in non-obese patients..."

You must have wondered why you have obstructive apnea when you don't have the most common risk factor of being overweight, right?

"I'm just falling on my face tired even after 10-12 hours of sleep and I'm not convinced it is the sleep apnea"
Fatigue, malaise and unrefreshing sleep are very common in Mast Cell disorders.
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This article provides an overview of fatigue: https://www.aafp.org/afp/2008/1115/p1173.html
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Hello~I am sorry you are having all these miserable issues. Have they tested you for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Some of your symptoms point in that direction, also, thyroid malfunction, either high or low. You need the complete panel, not just one, isolated test.

I hope you feel better soon.
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If you are waking up/sitting up 10 times during your sleep, you aren't getting restful sleep. That alone could account for your fatigue.

Has anyone tested your testosterone levels? https://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/warning-signs

What about your thyroid? If they only did your TSH, they haven't really tested your thyroid.



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