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Fatigue and several symptoms are making me feel very bad


first of all, thanks everyone for giving me advise or help regarding my case.
I am a male of 28 years of age, I weight around 80kg of weight and I am 182cm tall.
I exercise regularly and am an active person. I quit smoking 5 years ago, do not drink or take any drugs.
I follow a plant based diet with an intermittent fasting schedule.

The symptoms I have are the following:

Light earache and cloudy mind
Chest ache
Upper chest tightness when breathing in deeply
Chronic fatigue: I can not do any exercise and feel very tired
High hunger levels: I eat a lot and feel not satiation
General muscle ache
Hearth palpitations

Up until 4 weeks ago, I was swimming in cold water (around 14 °C) in the ocean for about 30 min at a time, regularly every week. Sometimes, I did not wear a jacket afterwards when I went home.
The symptoms I have arose around 4 weeks ago and I feel no improvement. My first intuition is that my sickness is related to the cold water swim.
Nevertheless, I have no cough, sore throat, headaches, fever or sings of a flu or COVID-19.

I am scared of what I possibly could have. I want to feel fit and do exercise again and my current situation is making me anxious

I have an appointment on Friday with a physician. Unfortunately, I live in Spain, the medical care is generally bad overstrained, so I though about getting advise here.

Keep safe and healthy
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I agree with SassyLassie.  I'm also glad you are going to the doctor.  Anxiety can cause these symptoms.  What about getting a covid test just to rule it out?  What if you were asymptomatic but had it and now have the syndrome where things area affected afterwards. That's really a long shot.  I do want to point out that depression can affect a lot of what you are mentioning.  Let us know what the doctor says.
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Hello~I am glad you have an appointment to see a doctor as he/she will be more qualified to give you a diagnosis. In the meantime, I am thinking that your symptoms could possibly be due to anxiety. Your country is going through so much, and this is bound to have an effect on a person's health and well-being.
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