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Fear bone cancer

I just made the mistake of consulting Dr. Google.
I've had hip pain in my left hip for about 4 days now. It comes and goes, but is mostly there when I'm resting. I can complete 1 hour of high intensity cardio and not feel a thing, but when I sit down later, it aches.
The thing about it being there when I rest turns out to be a sign that it stems from the bone - not muscle og tendons. So now I fear, I got bone cancer..
I just started streatching every day, and thought I might have overstreatched, but then I guess it would become worse when moving and vanish when resting?

I've also had a Bartholins cyst for 2 years. It started out inflammed, but the swelling never went away. It has not changed in size since, but I'm getting it checked in august.

I'm so scared, I really fear this cyst is cancer and that it had spread to the bones.
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Hello~Consulting Dr Google is the worse thing a person can do, I know, I have been a expert at it and always scare the bejeebers out of myself.

As to bone cancer, I would not worry too much about it. I would first see a chiropractor, you may very well have some misaligned vertebrae that are causing your pain; he/she will take some x-rays, study them and then go over the results with you. After a few treatments, the pain should start getting a lot better.

As to the Bartholins cyst, I would say that since it hasn't grown or changed any, there is nothing to worry about. Have you had it looked at before? The reason I ask is if you have and were told it is not cancer, then it won't be cancer, these cysts are benign.

Try not to worry, I know it is hard, but it only makes things worse; it also can make pain worse.
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