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Feces on towel

Today I accidentally used one of my roommates' towels that I thought was mine after showering. After wiping myself all over I noticed a small amount of feces that I'm pretty sure was not mine as I had washed myself thoroughly. I touched the feces with toilet paper and noticed that it was starting to harden but was maybe relatively fresh. I don't know if any got on me while I was wiping myself but if it did would it be dangerous in anyway? What if it got in one of my oraphoses? I didn't have time to shower again because I was late for work. Thanks in advance
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I don't care how late I was to work, I would have showered, now about the feces , think about it, it's waste right , yes well it carries toxins that's why it leaves the body and also carries  ecoli , I'm sure you are fine and hope you have showered by now. Thanks and good luck
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Do you know if your roommate has hepatitis or HIV? I doubt very much that you would get it and I think you would know if you got it in your mouth, nose or eyes. I wouldn't worry too much unless the person has one of these diseases. Then perhaps you could get checked. I really doubt it though. Maybe you should use different colors.
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Will agree with mkh9 about the different color towels system.  

More icky than dangerous in my opinion.

I wouldn't worry about it.  
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